Frame by Frame: Photographing Through Glass

 St Louis Engagement by Jordan Brittley Photography I love photographing through glass. There is something so elegant and intriguing about those kinds of images and I find myself drawn to them! My love for this kind of photograph even sparked a portrait session of ME (photos by my handsome husband)! In today’s frame by frame post, I am sharing everything about the image above: from how I directed the couple to how I decided my camera settings!

THE SETTING: We stopped by the St Louis Library for some photos at Chris and Sri’s Engagement session (as seen on SMP). It was heavily overcast and extremely cold! Hello winter engagement sessions!! I had them stand just inside the doors because I love (LOVE) photographing through glass and will do it any chance I get! I knew it would also help them to stay a little more warm!

THE DIRECTION: I asked Sri to put her hands on the door and I asked Chris to hold onto her. I love how he put a hand around her waist and a hand on her elbow… so sweet! I then asked Sri to look at me while Chris kissed her! I keep the instruction simple so that the couple will be focused on each other!

And this. I love how elegant and confident Sri is!

CAMERA SETTINGS: I exposed the image for the skin. Note that the right side of the image is much brighter because it is reflecting the street and sky. If you were shooting through the glare entirely (so that it was covering them completely), you would want to expose accordingly! For me, this would have meant that expose the image at 1/125.

Camera: Contax 645 Lens: Karl Zeiss 80mm Film Stock: Fuji 400H rated at 200 Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Aperture: f/2.0 ISO: Fuji 400h rated at 200 Shutter speed: 1/60

POST PROCESSING: I asked for a medium scan from RPL and left no special instructions! This allowed their team to decide how warm or cool an image should be!

When I received these images back from the lab they weren’t overexposed. If I had wanted to overexpose the film by one stop, I would have needed to expose the image at 1/30 of a second instead of 1/60. I didn't want to risk a blurry image by stopping down to 1/30, but because I like my images a little brighter, I bumped the exposure and contrast in post (Lightroom)! No other changes were made to the image! Gotta love that film!

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