Frame by Frame: In the Woods

Bolivar MO Engagement Session by Jordan Brittley Photography

During an engagement session last year, I found myself in the thick of the woods. I knew that I wanted an illuminated image and I also wanted to keep the image from going flat from the lack of light! Today I am sharing how I navigated the woods to accomplish just that!

THE SETTING: Ashley and Jake's engagement session is one of our favorites (as seen on SMP)! We drove out to the lake for their session because he proposed on the water and they spend a lot of time out there! For the first part of the session, we were in the thick of trees by the lake. Even though we started the session 2.5 hours before sunset, it was still fairly dark in the woods! The sun was just starting to peak through the tops of trees and there were some deep blue-green hues on the leaves in the distance.

I knew that I wanted to move them into the sun so that I could avoid a flat photograph. I definitely think that flatter photographs have their place too: see THIS IMAGE. It's just that flatter images just tell an entirely different story! So if there had been no sun at all on this day, I would have moved them out of the woods so that I could let the shadows in the woods create dimension!

THE DIRECTION: After they were standing in the sun, I asked Jake to put his hand on Ashley's neck and kiss her. As he leaned in, I took this photograph. I love how comfortable they are together and how gentle this image is. Nothing is forced. They are both completely relaxed in their very favorite place. And the result is a photograph of genuine love.

Camera: Contax 645 Lens: Karl Zeiss 80mm Film Stock: Fuji 400H rated at 200 Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Aperture: f/2.0 ISO: Fuji 400h rated at 200 Shutter speed: 1/60

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