Frame by Frame: First Looks

Mary Kate and Will Wedding by Jordan Brittley-711 I love photographing first looks, but I love photographing the moments after a first look even more! Mary Kate and Will could not have been happier to see each other and they made sure to express it. I like to give my couples time to take it all in and have a few private moments before we start posing, or as I like to call it, directing.

Instead of saying "stand here, put your hand here, turn here, shift exactly here" I prefer to tell me couples to do something together and I make modifications from there! In the moments after Mary Kate and Will's first look, I asked them to walk together down a path in the gardens at Kuhs Farm. She was already holding her bouquet from The Flower Shop and standing on the side closes to me.

I took a photo just as the front of her gown moved into full view. I loved the back of the dress, Mary Kate loved the back of the dress (I'm sure Will did too), and I know an editor will love it too! This is the kind of photograph that I would hang in my home if I was the bride and this is definitely the kind of photo I would hang in my home office.




Camera: Contax 645 with Karl Zeiss 80 f/2.0 Lab: Richard Photo Lab Film: Portra 800 rated at 400 Aperture: f/2.0 Shutter speed: 1/250

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