Finding balance in business and motherhood

Finding the Balance between running a business and being a mom - the Jordan Brittley Blog

I lay Daniel on the bed each morning and I tickle his stomach, his neck, and his back. I kiss his cheeks and he giggles at me. I scoop him up and tell him I love him and he babbles at me. And yes, by that time I have already pulled back the curtains and the sunlight is filling the whole room. It's actually picturesque.

I am asked all the time how I balance running a business with being a stay at home mom. I cringe a little bit at that question because I am far from perfect at balancing the two. That's why I shared this post on instagram.

When I picture my perfectly balanced home, it is like this nice, refreshing, restful home with baked goods, perfect social media presence for my business, booked weddings, and a child who has never known a minute without me. Really, everything is thriving because I have endless minutes each day and I'm now omnipresent. Ha.

In case you didn't know, that's not realistic. But for months I tried to make it my reality and it left me feeling like a failure who had been left all dried up and alone. That's not balance, friends.

Balance looks a lot more like children playing on a teeter totter. Sometimes the speedy up of one side leads to the thump as the other side hits the ground. I don't think that we were intended to sit still on the teeter totter, hold our breaths, and hope that we could keep it steady. I think we were meant to play with all the exuberance of a child on a teeter totter.

It looks like slow mornings with my son, working during his naps or when someone can watch him, going on long walks as a family in the evening, and sometimes working after Daniel goes to sleep. It looks like occasionally not wanting to leave for a shoot because I just want a little more time with Daniel. It looks like me wanting just one more hour with Isaac every day and somehow staying up way too late together every night.


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If you know Jesus, then you have an advantage: you don't have to seek out balance.

I was so caught up in the balancing act that I missed the point of balance: to joyfully embrace the important. So how do I balance being a mom and a business owner? Each day I am choosing to joyfully embrace the important. And don't worry, next week I'm diving into the practical things that I have done to make balance a possibility.

Finding the Balance between running a business and being a mom - the Jordan Brittley Blog