Favorite Everyday Items

Photography by Jordan Brittley
Photography by Jordan Brittley

The Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack plays in the distance (often on repeat) and our two sheltie puppies sleep the afternoon away while I diligently work away in the living room. I have an office in our home, but I love the open floor plan in the main living area and prefer to sit on the couch, at the table or on the deck while I work.

I love to open the windows and let summer’s air roll into our home so that I can hear the birds and enjoy the sound of a breeze. I move from seat to seat throughout the day because different views of our home inspire me to think in different ways. I call Isaac at least two times a day to tell him that I love him (unless he beats me to it). Those phone calls make the list of favorite traditions that we have together. We love cooking together to the sound of Jon Foreman, picking tomatoes from the garden and spending evenings on our deck. But really, we just love doing anything as long as we are together.

Today is all about being thankful, so I made a list of my favorite everyday personal and business items! These are just things, but I have found that there are so many memories created around these things and so it makes them so much more valuable.

Photography by Jordan Brittley
Photography by Jordan Brittley


Our Home - I can’t believe that I haven’t given you a tour of our home yet, but it’s coming. I love the house that we get to call our home. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else because our home inspires me.

Pillows - Maybe it sounds strange, but I love cute and comfy pillows. If we are reading books or watching tv, you can probably assume that I am surrounded by pillows and bundled up with a blanket. Tempurpedic pillows are the best pillows to ever exist.

Kindle Paperwhite - I have always loved reading, but I haven’t always made time for it. In July, I wrote that I wanted to read two books that month. And guess what? I did it. I made time to read in the morning or the evening and rediscovered the joy of sitting by the window with a book and listening to silence.

Music & Podcasts - Isaac and I love listening to music. We love soundtracks, Rend Collective, Jon Foreman and the list goes on!

Wooden Cutting Board from #thebeautifulplace - We bought a circular wooden cutting board last year with a butcher knife and we use them every single day.

Wine Glasses - I love drinking anything and everything in a wine glass. It makes me feel like I’m treating myself to something special!

Our Garden - Isaac and I love spending an hour or so in the garden every evening so that we can talk. Plus, it’s fun to harvest vegetables from your backyard. It just is.

And now for the business side of things. The items below help me to do my job efficiently and excellently and so they make the list. I'm always looking for a better way to get things done, so if you have anything that you use everyday then share in the comments below!!

Photography by Jordan Brittley
Photography by Jordan Brittley


2 MacBook Pros - These computers keep all current projects handy and run so well. Since I will (hopefully) be hiring another team member this month (!!!!!!), I will probably be buying one more macbook for the team member to use.

Simplified Planner - This planner plus my tips for Keeping a Great Calendar help me stay super organized!

Libby Bag - I use this bag anytime that I need to work away from home. It has plenty of space and is super cute! Which, in my opinion, is what every girl wants!

Kiosk Headphones - These headphone are great when I’m working on a video project because they pick up the smallest details in audio that my macbook won’t even pick up!

Contax 645 - I don’t use this camera every single day, but I love photographing my life in film!

Binder for Keeping Weddings Organized - This big binder contains a folder for every wedding that I have on the books for 2014/2015. I will be spending a whole blog post on staying organized with workflow this month!! And yes, the binder must be super cute!

Google Docs - I love google docs.

Pixieset - I just made the switch to Pixieset and I am not looking back!! HERE is a link to my online galleries. Every client now has the option of choosing between an online gallery and a USB. Pixieset keeps things simple and so far it’s working great for me.

Wordpress/ProPhoto - This combination keeps this blog going strong. It’s so easy to make changes to the blog and update it whenever I want.

So what about you?! What personal and/or business things do you love!??

Photography by Jordan Brittley
Photography by Jordan Brittley
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