Running and waiting

Daniel and I walked out the door this morning and he said, “Run, run, run!” Only, it sounds a lot more like “nununununun.” He loves his stroller and I love some time to think and listen to this playlist! If you see me running, you will probably find me throwing my hands into the air, busting out an occasional dance move, or speaking truth out loud. This morning’s run had me speaking lots of truth: “You’re King over my life. You’re King over my business. You’re King over my family. You’re King over my son. You’re King over my next little one.” I couldn’t help it. This song came on and I had to shout it out!

Faith in Photography Business


I used to run in high school and college, but after some injuries, my doctor told me that we could only reduce the pain in my knee by about 40% and discouraged me from running. So I started to pray and years later, I can run with no pain in my knee! Praise the Lord!

There are days where I don’t feel all that thankful for the ability to run and press on. But today I am full of thankfulness! I want you to know that what we put into our minds really does matter. It all adds up and it all influences us - our thoughts, our hope, and our fervor. It all matters.

I think it’s easy to look at everything on the internet and think that if our circumstances were different, then we could have a different outlook on life. That’s a lie. You can have renewed hope, passion, and love right now. You don’t have to wait until things are looking up.

I was starting to worry (aka obsess) over something that I was waiting on in my business. It kept coming to my mind during my run. I wanted to ask God to just help me not even think about it, but instead I decided to pray. I asked that the Lord would make His name known in that city and that He would go before me and show me where He wanted me! Friends, His peace filled my soul. I am confident that He will work that all together in an amazing way no matter what the answer is!


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We can approach God with our hearts when we are stressed about a wedding we just submitted, waiting to hear if we get to book the client we LOVE, or even on the wedding day when things are running behind. We can ask Him to give us the sound mind that flows freely from the Holy Spirit in our lives (2 Timothy 1:7). He gives peace and pours out love on us. Friends, we can ask Him for anything! Let’s just ask and see what He will do!