lavender oregano and mint arrangement by jordan brittley photographylavender and sewing by jordan brittley photographyoregano by jordan brittley photographypiece of a necklace by jordan brittley photographyhandmade rocking chair and flowers by jordan brittley photographygarden roses by jordan brittley photography I write by the window as the wind blows softly into our home. The wind chimes gently make music just before the ground is wet yet again by the rains of autumn. A single yellow leaf sits on a tree just past the row of plants and bulbs on the porch, which will make their way into the ground in the coming weeks. It is peaceful today.

And although I am so very thankful for these beautiful things that seem to touch my heart in unexpected ways, these sweet beauties have not brought peace. Peace came when I was still before the Lord to soak in all that He is. Just still. Then, when I was still, He showed me these beauties that had gone unnoticed before my ever-wandering eyes. This is what it is to not wish life away into tomorrow.

I will rejoice and be glad in it. 

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