Erin & Pete Anniversary

He held her hand and led her down the long walkway painted with flowered trees, past the onlookers and into a new season of their lives. They danced beneath the trees of spanish moss and let the rest of the world fade away so they could relish that moment. He kissed her check and they giggled together down by the water and in those moments, time stood still. It was as if time had never passed in the first place and they caught themselves wrapped up in each other's arms much like ten years ago. When he promised her. And she promised him. And they danced in front of everyone. Erin and Pete have enjoyed ten years of marriage and wanted to remember how it all began. I traveled down to Georgia to celebrate their marriage over sweet letters and ice cream. So we walked down the cobblestone streets to the water and underneath the massive trees that have stood the test of time.

And they remembered.

Oh, they remembered everything. And all that was left was them.


I can't wait to share their anniversary photos with you, but in the mean time I hope that you will enjoy this video and catch a glimpse of what selfless marriage looks like.