El Salvador Wedding: Gabriel + Eli

They knew each other growing up: he liked her when she wasn't interested and then she liked him and talked herself out of it. So when Eli moved to the states last year, she decided to leave her feelings for Gabriel in El Salvador. Afterall, how could a relationship work with her in America and him, with his new missionary job, in Guatemala? After being separated for several weeks, Gabriel asked Eli what would happen if they could make it work. He purchased a ticket and traveled to the states to talk to her in person about their future together. And after just a few hours together, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

And they are doing just that.

beautiful earrings from Eli's aunt...
Eli's custom-made dress was so lovely!
Eli, you are gorgeous!
I love it when couples decide to do a first look! We had about 5 minutes with the two of them before the rain came down... for the next 8 hours! They were so thankful they decided to see each other before & had all of those photos with that gorgeous, natural light.
Look at you both!! Just working your stuff...
Looking sharp...
Such a lovely group!
Look at all that rain (bottom right)!
And delicious appetizers while the guests waited before the ceremony...
Gabriel and Eli's parents joined them on the stage for the last part of the ceremony. Just look at their moms!
I will end on this sweet note.