Delight Video: East Meets West 2014

The house sat at the top of a hill overlooking the river below. The birds made their presence known as I sat on that white porch and my mind rushed from place to place. Everything around me beckoned me to be still and take it all in, but I refocused so I could tackle my never-ending to do list. The girls were going to be there within the next few hours and there was still so much to do. Gather materials for the special dinner tonight, do calligraphy for the place settings, pray with the other leaders, prep for my business talks... right, branding... do I even know what a brand is after all this rushing???... hurry and spend time with God so I can be refreshed.

I knew that what I needed was the Lord. I knew that all of my limitations were in need of some light-piercing grace, but I also "knew" I didn't really have time for that kind of grace. That would mean surrendering control over my list. And then Erin was standing next to me just waiting and thinking. Yes, I could tell she was thinking. We didn't know the ins and outs of each other's lives (yet), but we each knew how the other longed for the Glory of the King. We prayed together over the retreat and each other and the other leaders and each girl. We turned on worship music. And then we prayed together again. We used two of those last three hours before HimAnd it was so worth it.

I want to write everything that God did in that big east coast home in April. I want to tell you about all the ways that He had Victory, just like He said He would. I want to tell you about how I have never seen leaders so unified and full of love for the Lord. I want to tell you about the amazing young women who responded to what God was doing and how I responded to what God was doing; I want to tell you every little detail.

And then there was the west coast. And I want to tell you how the Lord unexpectedly rocked my world as His Glory came in like an earthquake and laid a key component for the fulfillment of the promise over our son. But there would not be enough storage on the web to host the story of my ten days before the King on these coasts. So there is a video. And the video, in it's six minutes and nine seconds can't contain the full story either. But it gives you a glimpse of the love for God that exploded and ignited something fierce in the Kingdom of God.

I was so thankful when the leaders of Delight gave me so much freedom with this video; they wanted something real, raw and relevant. I had created THIS short story, THIS commercial, and THIS promotional video last year and was ready for anything. So when the Lord gave me a vision for a video where the East would meet West, a documentary of sorts started playing in my head. I wanted even the audio to be raw. I wanted the video to be something that was not overly produced, but felt compelling because of the story. I wanted a real connection to form. The Lord gave me this image of women, young and old, sitting at their computers and being refreshed and moved as they watched the video. So I am praying that you are met with His presence as you push play below.

I would love to hear your story from watching the video. You can leave a comment sharing your favorite part of the video or even how the Lord showed up in your life by watching it. To what are you saying "NO!" and to what are you now saying "YES!!"?

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