December Goals in 2015

I have one goal all jumbled up together for this month. I want to enjoy this season for what it is. It's maternity leave, remembering Jesus' birth, intentional time with our family, and new traditions. It's life. December Goals in 2015 - Jordan Brittley Blog (

Personal Goals

Live a simple life

No rushing, no hustling. I want to evaluate this part of my self that says I need to constantly be doing something. What does it look like to live a simple life while I do the things that need to be done? What does it look like to live a simple life while I rest? I want to discover this simple life this month and embrace it in all of the months that follow.

Business Goals

Set intentional goals

I want these goals to align with our family mission and my business mission for 2016. I want these goals to leave room for 1/2 a year of Saturdays with just the three of us. I want to work hard, be diligent in serving others, and not do everything under the moon just because it's possible.

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