December goals in 2014

Springfield MO Winter Wedding Inpsiration Our little boy kicks away as I write this and my eyes drift to the handmade wreaths that hang on our windows. I am so thankful for this season of winter. It's just beautiful to me. Yes, I find the bare trees and the crisp fading grass to be beautiful. I know that in the Spring the Lord will awaken these things and they will declare His Glory in a new and different way than they are right now. But surely, these things are still declaring His Glory. Right now. Even when the colors are fading and the bitter cold stares back at me reminding me that I need an extra layer of clothing to stay warm. It's beautiful.

With December comes the wrapping up of one year and the unfolding of a new. I'm thankful for 2014. I'm thankful for the heartache and the pain because it all reminds me of the story of His all-consuming presence as I waited for some good ol' restoration. I'm thankful for the precious gift of our son, who is still kicking away. I'm thankful for everything that the Lord has already restored. Yeah, the winter is beautiful.

WRAP ALL CHRISTMAS GIFTS - So Isaac and I are notorious for leaving presents unwrapped or wrapping them in whatever we can find around the house. The last couple of years I have tried to be a little more intentional with the wrapping, but I just don’t want to wait until the last minute this year!

DRINK MORE HOT CHOCOLATE WITH ISAAC - This is a winter MUST. We had a little work date in our favorite small-town coffee shop and it was awesome. It’s rare that we get to see each other during the work day, but I love it when we can see each other and get a ton of work done! So here is to more hot chocolate with my favorite man!

REFINISH THE BATHROOM CABINETS - This project is in full swing! Our first big home-owners project is underway!!

PUPPIES!!! - So this is the first time that I have shared the news publically, but one of our shelties is expecting puppies in just two and a half weeks! We bred her with another purebred sheltie and can’t wait to have a lot of little shelties in our home!! Isaac was actually the one who wanted to do this and once we found out that our little one would arrive in April, we decided that it would be better to do something this adventurous before the baby! Yay for Christmas puppies!!

FINISH THE WEDDING GUIDE - I have been working on this slowly throughout the year and am so excited to finish it up this winter! It will answer a lot of photography/videography related questions for my brides. I’m talking timelines, wedding details, family portraits, and what really matters!

UPDATE THE ENGAGEMENT GUIDE - I have been using this for a year now and my brides find it so helpful! I just need to update it to match the wedding guide and add a few pieces of information!

SET UP SHOP - I did this yesterday! The Jordan Brittley Shop is now live!! I needed an easy way for people to book portrait & mentoring sessions! And I will announce when more items are added to the shop! Be on the lookout on FACEBOOK for a 15% off code!

ANNOUNCE MENTORING SESSIONS - I announced these on the blog yesterday! I can’t wait to start scheduling these sessions!!

END OF THE YEAR BUSINESS REVIEW - I love to go through what worked and what didn’t in my business so that I can make adjustments! Two years ago, this was such a daunting task, but I learned that it is so important for growth and it has quickly become one of my favorite business-related tasks!

BIG BUSINESS GOALS FOR 2015 - I. Love. Setting. Goals. Not just because I like to think about how I can move forward, but because I love setting a plan for those goals. So I am writing down everything I want to see in business for 2015 (and yes, I will definitely share some of those with you!)!

DEVELOP A PLAN FOR ACCOMPLISHING GOALS IN 2015 - Goals don’t matter if nothing ever comes out of them, so this is the part where I write down the important things on my calendar and I develop a plan for achieving those goals. I started doing this in June for each month and I am here to tell you that it is so worth it!!

FINISH DELIGHT VIDEO - YAY! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share this video! Delight is actually raising money to become a non-profit and you can give HERE! The video got pushed back while all of the logistics were being worked out, but I am excited to share that the project is now in full swing! Hours and hours of intentional filming have been culled and it’s been so fun to see the video come together with such purpose. I have prayed over this video since March and the Lord gave me such a clear purpose for the video as I went into the two retreats. My whole heart is invested in this video. I have cried and laughed and prayed over this video. I am eager to see it finalized and share it with you all!

CREATE A PDF GUIDE FOR STYLING WEDDING DETAILS - Ahhh! This will go in the shop! I have been asked over and over again about how to style details on a wedding day for a thrilled bride and a happy editor (let’s get published, y’all!) and I’m excited to share what I know and how I do things!

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