December Education Breakdown - Where to find me & what you need to know

Hey you! I just recorded my first live video inside our #askjordanbrittley facebook group and it was so fun. You can watch the replay here! And just know that this isn't totally perfect and put together. We had the video turned the wrong way when we first started, I sang a little song, and we say on my office floor. I love that it feels natural! If you aren't a member of the group just yet, you will need to request access to the group before you can view it.

Jordan Brittley Photography

I have some really exciting news to share for December! I am going to be focusing on live video this month and keep our blog posts to 1 each week. I asked what I should do on Instagram & Facebook and it was unanimous. You all want live video and I am hearing you loud and clear!

Where to find me in December

I will be experimenting with how to serve you all best and create content that will help you in the moment and content that will help you time and time again. I have wanted to do live video for a while and am so excited to dive in with you all and have online coffee dates!

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