Daniel Hosea's Baby Bucket List

Jordan Brittley's Baby Bucket List Today I am out of the office. I am on the road with my guys and we are exploring the world of Narnia books, new bath toys, picnics, and podcasts. There are two things that I listened to while pregnant with Daniel: podcasts and Pride and Prejudice. So while we drive, one of those two things are on because it puts Daniel to sleep in no time!

This time that we have with Daniel is something that we are both treasuring. Isaac is working part-time right now so he can be home with us both and I just can't get enough of it. I have realized in the last couple of weeks that there is this new value in setting goals and then scheduling time to make them happen.

The days can get away from you if you're not careful. So this balance of running a business at full steam ahead and being mom to our Daniel Hosea is... a balance. I'm slowly figuring out what needs to stay and what needs to be delegated in business. I'm learning to readjust my expectations of myself and take things slow in the everyday. I'm learning what fires me up about life. And I am doing as much of that as I can. That's why I mentioned the Narnia books, new bath toys, picnics, and podcasts.

Because I am out on an adventure with my guys. It fires me up to spend time with them. It makes me a better business woman somehow. I imagine that's just how God designed me. Maybe you too? Maybe He designed us to give Him the first of our time, invest fully in the people that He has given to us, and then work? It's easy to live with our priorities flipped. God's ways are good. So I'm going with His model. And my life is better for it. My business is better for it (which means great content for you)!

We have a baby bucket list, friends. We have started creating bucket lists for everything and it is so fun to dream and make time for the things that are important to us. You can follow along on instagram: #DHGoesPlaces and #DanielHosea


Book a session to have photos taken of the three of us

Go on two trips with the three of us

-> Trip 1: Thinking about a cabin with a view, a train, or mountains -> Trip 2: Weekend getaway

Go on 3 long walks and two short walks as a family each week

Take Daniel to the Zoo

Photograph Daniel on film each month

Camp in our backyard

Read a "grown-up" book to him (thus the trip for Narnia books)

Watch a movie together

Go apple picking

Go to the pumpkin patch

Get a kiddie pool when Daniel can sit up

Jordan Brittley's Baby Bucket ListJordan Brittley's Baby Bucket ListJordan Brittley's Baby Bucket ListJordan Brittley's Baby Bucket List

I know that we will be adding to this list. Have you ever made a bucket list? I would love to hear what's in your bucket in the comments below!