Cooking together & coconut no bakes

I know you know that I know I'm completely obsessed with Indian & Thai food. Are you following? Haha! I specifically love the kind of food that is made for you and cleaned up for you. But in our responsible efforts to eat out less, eat really good and healthy food, and not waste anything, we started a cooking night! We really need a better name for it, but here's how it goes down: Isaac goes to the store I cook all of the food. All of the food. 

We love listening to a mix of the Resurrection & Christmas playlists and I start making my go-to dinners & snacks (cauliflower mash, roasted vegetables, roasted chicken, and chopped fruit). We love eating leftovers and reading to Daniel in the evenings or going for a long drive, so not spending each night in the kitchen is such a blessing to us right now!


On really special occasions, I make cookies. Partly because we love cookies and partly because we love watching Daniel run around saying, "Cook-cook, cook-cook!" My current favorite is the Coconut no-bake from The Minimalist Baker. It's healthier than the normal cookie recipe and you won't even know it. If we aren't in the mood for coconut, I'll add granola or extra oats!

I love walking to our Kitchen in the mornings and sitting at our dining room table while Daniel catches a few extra minutes of sleep. Sometimes I'll diffuse Thieves & Orange essential oils while I drink coffee, read my Bible, and write in my Write the Word journals. Lara sent them to me after our miscarriage and I cried. I cried big tears and read about the heart behind the journals and cried more.

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There is so much thought and love in everything produced by the Cultivate What Matters shop. Feeling the impact of such intention made me re-think every product I was planning on developing for our own shop in 2017. I went back through the list and deleted ideas that didn't line up with the heart of my education shop. I deleted projects that wouldn't be fruitful. I deleted any idea I wasn't 100% passionate about.

As I was doing that, it's like my heart was growing! It finally had space to breathe and live in freedom. It had space to love others well again. We don't need to sell #allthethings. We just need to sell what will truly make a difference in someone's life (and in ours)! If you don't have your powersheets or journals from Lara yet, hop on over and make sure you get them before they are sold out!

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Friends, I am so excited to launch my shop!! I will still be using December to rest up, pray about 2017 goals and business timelines, and spend time worshipping my King. We will be road tripping to Colorado at the end of the month to celebrate Christmas and a New Year with my family. love that we are doing something new and I'll take all of the family vacations I can! Then, once January 1 hits, it will be full steam ahead with developing products and building a shop. And there will definitely be coconut no-bakes.