Get consistent photo edits with a color board

Let’s talk workspaces in Lightroom! Do you like to have all the tabs open when you’re editing or do you set the panels to only display on hover?

I love having the panels permanently open, small thumbnails, and a white background to edit with. I’m all about a good workspace and an editing routine that works for you over and over again. 

 How to edit consistently in Lightroom with a color profile

Because when you’re in the middle of busy season, it’s just plain nice to sit down in front of a system that’s worked before, and I like to think that a good workspace helps to create consistent editing.

Speaking of consistent editing, have I mentioned color profiles lately? I mean... they are basically the best kept secret to your light and airy editing life. I first heard about them when I was shooting film and I like to keep my profile open right next to Lightroom.

And since you’ve been asking exactly how I keep that color profile open in Lightroom, I’m here to tell you that I actually don’t! I just open the color profile in preview (I’m on a mac, but you could use a similar program!) and keep it open next to Lightroom.

Open your color profile next to lightroom and edit consistently

This one’s hot off the YouTube press and it’s easy peasy!

So easy that this video is under 1 minute long. I’m thinking quick little videos like this might be the best thing to happen to this blog. Fun way to share good tips and tricks while keeping it entertaining!


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