Charity & Ben's Gender Reveal

Friends, I have all the feels about this video! You've definitely "met" my friend, Charity, before because we're always teaming up for a little wedding inspiration and you even saw her rock green like no one else at our creative retreat.

At the creative retreat, Charity sat on this cute little chair and let her red hair swing from side to side while she shared that she and Ben were praying for a little one! I screamed. And, friends, I'm so not a screamer. I ran over to hug her and my heart felt like it was going to burst. After we lost our baby in late September, I realized there's a pretty natural response for others to try to minimize their joy about becoming a mother or any happy baby news. So it was the biggest gift that Charity let me share in her joy! I learned so much about friendship while I watched us grieve over the loss of my baby and rejoice in the life of hers. Praise God for good friendship.

Fast-forward a couple months and I'm sitting next to Charity at the James River Prayer Meeting (if you live around Springfield, MO, please come!) and I started praying fervently for Charity and Ben to get pregnant. It was one of those times where I could tell right away that it was a prayer straight from the Holy Spirit and the Lord was going to bring it about. Then, I heard the Lord say that He would give her a baby and that His "yes" to this was so much so that it's as if the baby was already here. I'm learning that that's what faith is! You know? Believing God about His promises in such a way that the "yes" has already happened before I can even see it.

After prayer meeting, I turned to Charity and told her about this promise and cried. (Apparently, I'm a crier now when it comes to babies!) And 3 weeks after that, she found out she was pregnant. How in the world is that even possible?! Friends, the Lord wants to meet us in every season. Nothing is too hard for Him and He does the impossible time and time again.

When Charity texted me and asked if I would film their gender reveal party, I suggested we create a short movie - ultrasound included! Seeing these two loving on their little one, before their little one can even see them, is so beautiful. These two are so gentle, loving, and they make you feel at home with one little waive.

I'm grateful for you, Charity and Ben. I've learned so much about the unchanging goodness of God from watching you worship Him. This little one is so blessed to be held by the two of you and I cannot wait to meet him/her (watch the video to find out boy or girl)! And it's time to start a vote - will this little one have red hair?! What do you think?

Jordan BrittleyComment