Calm My Anxious Heart

Some days I find myself in a whirlwind. My head spins and spins and I find myself desperate. Grasping for anything that could make the panic disappear. And I lose sight of everything that matters and start running after the world: a desire for more.  Not more of Him.

No, this is a desire for things that fade in the light of eternity. When I was a sophomore in college, I ran after excellent grades and building my business like it was all that mattered. When I married Isaac I ran after being the perfect wife. And this led to nothingness. To emptiness.

It's not bad to strive, but it is NOT what we set our eyes on. We cannot idolize our goals, dreams, desires. Disappointment, devastation and many tears flood my world when I remove my eyes from the one who calls me His own. And when I find myself in this whirlwind, spinning out of control, thankfulness is the only thing that calms my anxious heart. It's often hard at the beginning to think of a reason to give thanks, but once I have thanked the Lord for a few things, many others follow. And the anxiousness fades to nothing and I am left praising the One. The Almighty.

So today I want to challenge us both to give thanks. Let's run after the True God today.