Business questions to ask yourself when you find out you're pregnant!

Questions to ask yourself when You Find out you're pregnant - The Jordan Brittley Blog Daniel is down for a nap, there's laundry going, and I came to my office to do a quick little workout. I wasn't planning on blogging today but posting only 3 days a week leaves room to move things around on the blogging calendar!

When I first had Daniel, I thought that I would be able to keep up with everything: all of my relationships, being the perfect momma, and running a growing business! In fact, I did keep up with it all for several months. But only barely.

There was no room for growing as a person or as a business anymore because I was maxed out. I was tired, inconsistent, and always in a rush. Did I mention that I was tired? Friends, I was working when the baby was sleeping! And yes, that includes at night! I remember telling Isaac that this way of life just wasn't sustainable. I kept revisiting my business with the Lord: was this really something He wanted me to do and was it important?

Questions to ask yourself when You Find out you're pregnant - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Of course it's important and it's absolutely what He has called me to do! But I felt like God had given me an impossible situation. How could I run a business and be a momma (and do both well)? I obviously value my relationship with my son over my entire business! I just kept going back to the fact that I knew God had called me to serve Him with Jordan Brittley.

Around the time that Daniel started sleeping, I started realizing that I was going to have to change things. Sure, I could keep up at the same rate and do everything at a "barely" standard. Or I could surrender to this new, beautiful life and let God show me how to change everything that I knew about business.

Freedom! I want to share all of this with you in case you are in a similar season or trying to figure out this momma and business thing! God is not against you. If you ask for wisdom, He will give it!

Questions to ask yourself when You Find out you're pregnant - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Here's what's working for me in February of 2016! I want this to encourage you as you run your business and love on your children! You are NOT limited. You have the tools, time, and resources that you need.

My February 2016 office hours

Tuesday: 11-6

Wednesday: 12-6

Friday: 12:30-5

See, friends?! I am not working 40+ hour weeks anymore! I don't work while Daniel is awake and I never commit to meetings/work during nap time. If you're a mom, you know that nap time is... creative for our little ones. Sometimes they start 30 minutes late, end 30 minutes early, or are skipped entirely. I also don't want to rush through time with Daniel to get to work!

Who watches Daniel?

I am asked this question so much from other business owners! Isaac's mom comes over and watches Daniel until Isaac gets off work! As long as there is a grandma who wants to watch our little one, we will probably avoid hiring a nanny.

My idea of a nanny involves someone who would be praying for Daniel, sacrifice for him, and love him like an aunt! I have pretty high standards if I'm leaving my son with someone and right now I just don't want to leave him on a regular basis with anyone besides his grandparents!

Questions to ask yourself when You Find out you're pregnant - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Questions for you to consider:

  1. Do you want to hire a nanny?
  2. Do you want to take maternity leave?I will be taking a 12 week maternity leave next time around. Maybe 16 weeks! Please cancel all your work and be with your little one. You will not regret it!Related: How to Take One Week Off When You Run Your Own Business
  3. Do you want your office hours to change?

  4. Do you want to work while your little one is awake?


Don't be disheartened and don't be discouraged. The Lord is with you, friend! There is NOT enough time in the day to do it all. But there is enough time in the day to do what matters.

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