BTS of my Rebrand: Refining my Client Experience!

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The start of a new month makes me feel so excited! Our team is working on a lot of things this month in the studio. Jenna is wrapping up May engagements and weddings, we are prepping for June weddings, and I am digging deep for this rebrand! I will be finishing homework #3 for Kathryn (Creme Brands) and finalizing all of the images for the site this month! I have been purchasing welcome gifts for new #jordanbrittleyweddings and I can't wait to hold every last detail.

I know that client experience is an important part of a brand. For a long time I struggled to find gifts that were meaningful and consistent. I wanted purpose behind the gifts that I would send. I also knew that I needed to find a client experience that was systematized so that no detail was left undone!

I have considered everything - spa day, prints, Anthro candles, wedding magazines, Simplified planners, Southern Weddings planners, journals, gift cards to Russell's or Ted Drews or Andy's, and the list goes on. But I had yet to find gifts that really felt like they were a good fit!

But then there was this idea of a garden party that kept rolling around in my head! A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to host a brunch/dinner garden party for all of the people who have supported and encouraged me on this journey! I jotted ideas down in journals and started to imagine what it would all look like. I decided that I would host it at my 5 year anniversary of Jordan BrittleyAnd guess what?! That's this year!! So I might just need to throw a party and get to celebrating!

Back to the client experience - imagine a garden party where you pick your own herbs, take in the view, and spend time with your favorite people. Imagine a space created just for star-gazing. Imagine candles, free-flowing centerpieces, and a place where you feel so loved. This is my brand.

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I have never been so excited about my client experience! We will be pulling "garden party" elements into my brand and my client experience will reflect that. I can't wait to share everything with you!