book review - idol lies by dee brestin

I sat near the window and flipped through the pages of the black book. It seemed as though my heart was stirring and I couldn't help but want to put the book away and never pick it up again. I thought about the friends of mine that would keep me accountable in reading the book. I don't have idols. I think I will be okay without the book. I will just talk about the book to the girls and not read it because I probably don't even have time to read it. It was at that moment I realized that this book would give me an opportunity to grow. And I could choose the Lord and read the book or I could run and never think another thing of the black book that seemed to tug at my heart in unexpected ways. For the past couple of months, I have  journeyed with a few close friends in reading Idol Lies by Dee Brestin. It was an unexpected journey to say the least. I thought Dee was going to hit the cliche idols that I have heard mentioned a thousand times: television, social media, food or shopping. But she dove into the heart of idolatry and it shook my world. I couldn't help but read ahead and I found myself crying and laughing and thankful that I wasn't the only one who struggled with matters of the heart.

I love that Dee brings scripture into every element of the book, which I feel is something missing in many Christian author endeavors. I don't need more of Dee's opinion on idolatry. I need more of the Word. More of the One who is going to free me from this sin. And Dee understands this and takes her reader on a journey with the Lord. For real.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to you. And then I advise that you read and reread it!

Book Review - Idol Lies by Dee Brestin_001