Blogging schedule for film photographers

I loved the beauty of film, but I wondered how to make it fit into my workflow. I was a digital photographer who had the entire wedding gallery delivered the Thursday after the wedding. How was I going to make the transition? What would blogging and submissions look like?

When should a film photographer blog?

 Blogging Schedule for Film Photographers - Fine Art Wedding Photography

If you're wanting to get published, there's a thought that you have an advantage if you wait to publish the images on your own blog. At this point in time, it depends where you are looking to get published. Martha Stewart weddings, for instance, don't want any images online while they decide if they want to publish the wedding.

On the other hand, Style Me Pretty says, "We really aren't that concerned about you publishing it on your own blog prior to it going up on Style Me Pretty." There are a few other blogging suggestions they make and you can read them right here. Because this is the current view of almost every wedding blog, I decided to create a blogging workflow that would get my work in front of my clients and their friends. I really want to have control over the emotions & experience my clients (and their guests) have when they see their wedding images and blogging gives me that control! 

 Blogging Schedule for Film Photographers - Fine Art Wedding Photography

Blogging schedule for film photographers

2.5-3 weeks after the event

I receive the film from The Find Lab 2.5-3 weeks after the event. I download them and bring them into Lightroom. I may make a couple minor adjustments to 1 or 2 images, but they are really ready to go as soon as I download them. That's the advantage of going with a Premium Scan!

3 weeks after the event

Share a sneak peek online! Because I hardly ever share digital sneak peeks right after the wedding, sharing film sneak peeks is essential for me. If you're launching a business, you share something about it on social media beforehand, right? Well, I like to think about blogging a wedding like a mini-launch. Complete with a social media sneak peek (or 2 or 3)!

4 weeks after the event

The blog post goes live! I try to schedule the blog post to go live around their 1 month anniversary. I remember my 1 month anniversary and I think it's so special to relive your wedding day every chance you get! This seems like the perfect option for doing that if you ask me.

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Blogging has helped my photography business to grow and I'm confident it can be a game-changer for you, too. If you have follow-up questions, I would love to answer them in the comments below! And if you don't have this free ebook, click the button below to get your hands on it!