Top 15 in 2016: Photo Tips

There's nothing quite like going back through your favorite posts of 2016 to fire me up about sharing more in 2017! Are you surprised by which post came in at the #1 spot? I'm not at all, since this is how people are really discovering this space! Here are you favorite photo tips from 2016...

 Best Photo Tips of 2016 - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Post #15 - Photograph a cascading bouquet like you mean it

How to photograph a cascading bouquet

All of my July weddings included beautiful, cascading bouquets. Photographing it as a still life can be a challenge because sometimes you can't tell exactly what it is. Here are some practical tips to make sure those cascading bouquets look beautiful every single time.

Post #14 - film in the rain? Yes, please

The dos and don'ts of shooting film on rainy days

Shooting film on a rainy day? I have you covered. Here are the do's, don'ts and a couple of tricks that will save you big time!

Post #13 - How to take natural bridesmaid photos

How to take natural photos of the bridesmaids

An editorial photo of the bridesmaids? You can count me in. Not only will this mean a ton to your bride and her besties, and editor will love you for it! These are the tips you need to make it amazing.

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Post #12 - get started with film!

Where can you buy a film camera?

Let's talk film all day, every day. We are going to walk through soooo many aspects of shooting film this year and this post kicked off the series. It was the biggest question I had when I was ready to make the switch and I'm spilling it all.

Post #11 - shoot that cake

Choosing a location for the wedding cake

If you've ever walked into a reception area and seen the wedding cake hiding in the corner away from all the beautiful, natural light, this is for you. Sure, you could whip out your flash and make it look like natural light, but if you want to shoot film, this post is your new best friend!

Post #10 - proper crop, y'all

The proper crop for traditional photographs

Do you center the faces or the dress and tux? Let's talk about how traditional photos should be cropped! And sure, you can always go against the rules, but if you're doing it, make sur eit's on purpose.

 Best Photo Tips of 2016 - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Post #9 - stress-free blogging for film shooters

Blogging Schedule for film photographers

If you've ever wondered about your new workflow with that new, fancy film camera, here's my go-to for blogging weddings. Do what works for you and create a consistent schedule for yourself and you'll watch the stress disappear. Here's one less decision you have to make!

Post #8 - treat your reflector like your bestie

5 times a photographer should use a reflector

We really do treat our reflector like a best friend. It gives us the freedom to shoot in the light of our dreams and still have dreamy skin tones. Do you need a reflector on a rainy day? You just might be surprised!

Post #7 - #lookslikefilm. but really.

How to make digital look like film

This post from 2015 is still one of my most popular! And I'm not really surprised. I get questions from photographers all the time wondering how they can make digital look like film. Here are a few secrets you'll want to know!

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Post #6 - install that preset, baby!

How to install the light and airy preset

If you need help installing that fancy shmancy light and airy preset we just sent you, this one's for you. And if you need to get your hands on my favorite preset EVER, go and get it!

Post #5 - making styling look like a piece of cake

A secret look inside my styling bag

I was not surprised at all when this was a favorite post! I know you all love pretty styling and you want it to be stress-free on the wedding day. I shared a lot of BTS videos on Instagram story so that I could answer you styling questions right away. And then I wrote this post! So happy you still love it as much as I do!

Post #4 - Posing, directiving - whatever you want to call it - let's rock it

Posing flow for photographers


Post #3 - how to use my favorite preset of all time

Light and Airy preset tutorial

You know that free preset that keeps coming up? You can get it right here and then I'll walk you through how to use it to create light & airy images!

Post #2 - i have a gift for you!

I made a free preset just for you!

Are you curious yet why I didn't stick to my normal "top 10" posts and instead went with "top 15"? It might just be because a lot of your favorite posts had to do with light and airy images and the presets that are part of that equation! If you don't have this preset yet, you're going to want to get your hands on it!

Post #1 - A little light, a little airy

My process for light and airy photos

This is, by far, the most popular post to ever live on my blog. I updated it shortly after we launched my website this year and it took off. It's hitting the first page of google and I hear from new friends all the time that this - this simple blog post - is how they discovered me. I'm so glad it's helping so many people!


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It was a good year, friends. Writing this makes me excited to share even more this year. I am so thankful you're here and I hope you always feel like you're right at home on this blog!