Top 10 business posts of 2016

This was a fun year, friends! We talked a lot about business - websites, blogging, marketing, social media, emailing, booking weddings, and getting published. Going back through your favorite posts of 2016 made me so excited to write more content like this in 2017. I'm picturing simple, honest marketing that feels like second-nature and tips on getting published coming your way in 2017!

 Best Business Tips of 2016 - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Top 10 posts about business in 2016

Post #10 - Let's talk about your website

Part 1: What should you include on your first website?

This is a hot topic right now and I'm excited to share more business tips on websites this year. There's a science to the order of images, the copy, the rhythm of the stories you share, and what you give that all play into booking your dream client. Here are 3 must-haves for your website

Post #9 - Lovin' Squarespace

5 things I love about Squarespace

My favorite thing about this post was receiving comments and emails from creatives saying this post convinced them to switch to Squarespace. It's so easy to build and so easy to change as you go. A good designer will know how to take a SS website and transform it into a work of art. Love you, K!

Post #8 - Blogging? I've got you covered

How many images should you include in a blog post?

There are so many different opinions on the number of images to include in a blog post. I'm here to tell you that I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all rule. Give yourself some freedom to experiment and grow as you keep blogging. I always like to try to keep people on my page for as long as possible (and that doesn't necessarily mean more images)!

Post #7 - Learning from Isaac's degree

5 things we learned from Isaac's masters degree

Isaac graduated with his Masters in education in May of 2016 and he's on track to graduate with another Masters degree through seminary in May of 2018! This man is the hardest worker and continually puts others ahead of himself. We loved sharing what we learned through the process!

 Best Business Tips of 2016 - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Post #6 - Facebook shenanigans

5 new things I'm doing with Facebook

I love serving you by telling you what I have learned and teaching you how to apply that to your business. But I love sharing behind-the-scenes posts like this even more! I think there's something to be said for sharing the new things you're trying so that other people can try them out, too!

Post #5 - Personalize those emails

6 ways to sign your emails and show your personality

Say goodbye to boring emails and hello to emails that are infused with your personality. You can be friendly and professional with your sign-offs and I'll show you how!

Post #4 - Let's talk about Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines, and biz!

5 lessons we can learn from Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Journal

I was so surprised to discover that there are so many creatives who read this blog who love Fixer Upper as much as I do! I'm pretty sure I look through her Instagram posts and try to gather as much info as I can about design, business, and being real way too often. I just admire the Gaines' and how they do business.

 Best Business Tips of 2016 - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Post #3 - Book those weddings!

5 ways to book more weddings this year

A long, long time ago in a land far away... just kidding. But a few years ago, I did receive an email from a young photographer who wanted to know how to book more weddings. I wrote the post and I loved that it helped so many people. So this year, I updated the post to provide more practical tips and it's definitely one of my most frequently visited posts!

Post #2 - Talk to IG like you're besties

How to tell Instagram, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

For years, I would scramble to come up with something to share on the Holidays. The truth was that I felt torn because I wanted to be present with my family and I also wanted to encourage the people who are following my story. So this year, I changed things up a bit and decided to plan my content in advance. Life. Saver. I hear you loud and clear: you want to simplify marketing!

Post #1 - Let's get published, boo!

5 lessons from my first style me pretty feature

It's true, "boo" isn't a word I normally use. But it definitely belonged in this description because - hello! This is exciting! I love that the number one, most exciting, most viewed post by a wide margin was about getting published! We are dreaming up ways to get more content like this in your hands in 2017!

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I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane! And maybe you found a post you hadn't ready quite yet? I would love to hear below what your absolutely favorite post was from 2016!