Behind-the-scenes of the L&A preset launch

I get lost in writing at the strangest times. Like now... 

I'm sitting on a little bench just outside of Target and the sky is so clear that you can see the stars and the last of the sunset all at the same time. I'm bundled up in a long cardigan, my favorite shirt from ConvertKit (you get a free shirt when you complete the setup process - how fun is that?), and some brand spankin' new leggings from my shopping venture.

My mind drifts back to just before the launch... 

 Light and Airy presets

On Monday, I decided that I was going to celebrate the whole month of March. I'm treating March like a birthday month because I launched the preset suite that has been in the works for two years. I was ready to launch it at the beginning of 2016 and I heard the Lord tell me to pour out in 2016.

I heard Him tell me to not sell a single thing to other creatives. And in 2016, the Lord helped me to put the focus on what I could give instead of what I could gain. He's done such a work in my heart because that's even more true today than it was at the end of '16. More than anything, I want to serve people with my business.

So I'm not taking the whole month of March to celebrate the success of the launch, but to celebrate these three things...

  1. That businesses are being transformed by these presets
  2. That Jesus is going to use my business to bring people to Himself
    (cue all the tears)
  3. That I did something I was terrified to do and I did it well

Do you ever place high expectations on yourself? And no matter what traction you gain, you can always find a way to be better, do more, or have more success? That's me. Hi guys. I'm Jordan and I'm an overachiever. 

But not this time.


This time I'm going all in and celebrating because of what the Lord has done with this launch and what I know He will do. Friend, I've got to tell you this story...



A couple weeks ago, before we launched the presets to our email insiders, I walked into Starbucks and prepared for a day of work. Isaac was watching Daniel so that I could have 8 hours in a row to work on everything launch-related. I didn't know much about writing copy, but I thought I would just figure it out as I went.

I didn't know the first thing about creating a sales page, so I thought I'd just figure it out as I went. More on this one later because it's actually super easy and there's just a basic formula you need to follow. I'll share all because I'm thinking about implementing this with some wedding-related products and I don't want you to have to spend all the time trying to figure it out.


It took me 2 hours to get the first two sentences nailed down. I had scribbled some notes about what preset details I should include and all that jazz. The whole time I wrote, I kept hearing all kinds of things...

"You're not a good communicator."
"No one is going to trust you."
"No one likes you, Jordan."
"You're going to fail."
"You're wasting your time."

And the list goes on. I kept praying to the Lord to silence the lies and to help me. I didn't want to shame anyone on my sales page. I didn't want to tell anyone that they needed my presets like a person needs food and water. After all, I survived for years without them.


But at the same time, I knew that they could change the whole creative industry.

I wanted to write, "I would never sell you anything that doesn't work. I have integrity. Buy now."

Haha! I'm laughing right now because that's just not how marketing works. So I kept calling on the name of Jesus and asking Him to help me write my sales page. And the lies didn't stop. They were so loud that it felt like someone was screaming at me. There, in the middle window seat at Starbucks, it felt like someone was screaming at me.

And something that had never happened to me before started slowly building.


I looked down to my fingertips because they felt icy-cold. Were they twitching? I turned them over to make sure that I could still move them and my fingers started to shake. And then my hands. Now, both of my arms were shaking. 

Fear. I knew that feeling like the back of my hand. I quickly tried to start typing, thinking that if I could get my fingers moving that I could control the shaking. Mind over matter.

But my fingers were shaking so violently that I couldn't get them to hit the right keys on the keyboard. I wanted to cry. I wanted to go home. I wanted to call it quits and give up.

So I asked the Lord to help me. I asked Him to give me endurance and I asked Him to silence the fear and the lies.

Light & Airy preset Suite - Behind the Scenes with Jordan Brittley_0006.jpg

And the shaking stopped.

And the lies stopped.

And the words started.

And I wrote the sales page in 30 minutes, friend.

A sales page that is converting at 18%. I don't know all the good numbers for sales pages (and I'm not going to go compare my stats to someone else's), but that seems good to me. I'm thankful for that sales page that the Lord literally helped me write.


So can I just tell you that He really cares about your life? He cares about the seemingly small things and the grand things. You're not doing this alone - even if your feelings lie to you and tell you otherwise. Something amazing happens when we call on the name of the Lord!

He shows up!

He brings victory!


And I use that word on purpose, remembering our sweet little baby we lost in September. There's so much I want to tell you... so much the Lord has done and so much purpose He's brought from purposelessness. Beauty from ashes. I'm living a beauty from ashes story, friend.

If you read those words and think, "Me, too. Jordan, I'm living a beauty from ashes story, too." then I want to lean in and say, "Yes, you are."


Because Jesus knows beauty from ashes.

What the enemy intended for evil, Jesus can use for good.

That's absolutely what He's doing in my life.

And in yours.


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