Behind the Scenes of Photographing the Rings

We just photographed our last wedding of the year and we had so much fun!! We had 3 hours dedicated to photographs of the wedding party and couple and it was a dream! We also had over an hour to photograph bridal details which makes for some pretty styled photos! I love it when there is a ton of breathing room in the timeline because the options are endless! Ring shots always make it into the wedding album and they are popular on wedding blogs too! It's really no surprise since no one really minds looking at diamond rings. I wanted to share a few behind the scenes images so that I could show you my setup for ring shots!

The Setup

I moved all of the getting ready details onto the porch because it was cloudy and it provided me with the most amount of covered light (it was sprinkling at this point). Becky and her mom let me pull this tufted bench outside so that I could use it as a backdrop for the details!

As you can see, the walls outside were white, which is perfect for photographs! I setup my reflector so that it was bouncing the light from the walls for that extra diamond sparkle!

Behind the Scenes of Photographing the Ring

Traditional Ring Shot

I love to put the rings on the invitation suite if there is calligraphy or a scripted font! You will notice the extra diamond sparkle that I mentioned in the shot below. Using the reflector for the ring shot is a great way to add more highlight points on the engagement ring.

Edited with the ring color preset in the ring preset pack! I then adjusted the temperature (5.6K) and the contrast (+72)! Behind the Scenes of Photographing the RingBehind the Scenes of Photographing the Ring

Ring Inscription Shot

This shot is a lot harder than it might seem! I like to keep my aperture to f/2.8 or f/3.2 so I am working with a narrow plane of focus. It works best if you place the engagement ring and then move the groom's ring into focus. I do this by resting my lens on the invitation and using my free hand to move the groom's ring until the inscription is in focus!

Edited with the black and white ring preset in the shop!

Behind the Scenes of Photographing the Ring

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