Behind-the-scenes: a peek in my office

These slow, simple mornings are something I crave. Daniel is awake and I'm blogging - it's not something that happens every day. But I'm letting him watch me do the work I've been called to do because that's what mommas are for.

Mommas get the honor of being one of the first people to show their littles what following Jesus looks like each day. We get to show them how we make mistakes and how there's more grace than we initially thought possible.

So this morning, I'm letting him see how my dreams touch.

So this morning my computer is out and I'm writing away and he's here, too. There's something beautiful about dreams touching, isn't there? The longing to be his momma was written into my heart long before it was ever uncovered. The joy of photographing weddings and helping other creatives build their businesses is a dream just years in the making. But no matter how long each of those dreams have been stirring in my heart, they should touch.

Dreams were definitely meant to touch.


The coffee is still waiting to be brewed and the bed is still waiting to be made. There's an episode of Little Einsteins going for our Daniel and I keep losing all my thoughts because he's running over to pat my leg and say, "Da Momma!" over and over again. Definitely worth a lost thought or two.

You'll normally find me working during his naptime, but I think I might take that time and do something just for our family today. Maybe I'll do the dishes that have been piling up all week (yay, launch week!) while I listen to music or watch a good show. Maybe I'll do some laundry or spray lavender on the blankets before I finally make this bed.

Whatever it is, I just want to stop and celebrate. Because I secretly launched my presets to a small group of the JB email insiders (370 to be exact) and the response was so good. So good that I had to do a double take - is this really happening? Is this really happening before we even launch these presets to the whole world? We haven't invested a single dollar yet in advertising and I'm already over the moon. This is really happening.

There are still so many fun things I want to do for these presets - inspiring videos, stories, instagram, before and afters, and the list goes on. But I didn't wait until we had our perfect marketing strategies in place to launch because it was time to get these presets to people.

Can I just share with you what people are saying?

"Hey, Jordan! Proud owner of both the L&A preset suite and the B&W preset suite! TBH for a few months now I've exclusively edited my photos with the free preset. It replaced all the other presets I'd ever purchased - X Company, Y Company and Z Company. Ugh! What a waste!

You did such a beautiful job with that one free preset so I knew I needed to get my hands on the suites the second you released them. Thanks so much girl."

- Maritza Tobon

And then there's this one...

"Welp, I am completely in love with this preset set, Jordan. I've really struggled with skin tones and when I used your preset suite... bam! And it only took me 10 seconds. You da bomb!!"

- Corrie Childers

Now for a little peek into my office. Daniel actually helped me move a few plants this week and I let him take a few pictures in there. He pressed the shutter and I pulled up the image he had just taken. He said, "Woah! Wow. Wow. Wow." Now he has a little bit of an obsession with cameras! And, boy, do I get it!

The flowers on the bottom left are from my friend, Deena. I keep them on a tray with my essential oils. Have I ever shared my love of essential oils with you? A few of my faves to diffuse: Valor, Peace & Calming, Joy, Stress Away, Lavender, and Grapefruit.


The little green plant on the left is actually a bunch of Jade starters from my grandma. I've had them growing roots for over a year now and it's time to plant them! I spy a GoPro camera - we use it for our family videos and we need to turn that thing on more!

Why is my lamp facing up like that? Well, I am really particular about light - even light from lamps. I point it up the wall so that it creates soft light when I'm working. Any other people out there who really care about good indoor lighting?


The bench in the corner is from Target. I hide away my printer and as many cords as I can with that thing. There's a basket under the bench that stores the memory card reader and the cords from the lamp, printer, and diffuser.


Thanks for letting me share part of my office with you! If you're on Insta story, you've probably seen the other half of it. But since we are in the pre-launch phase, it's all a little messy (minus this corner)! I'm thankful for you, friend.


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