before 23

I realized late last night that in just over three months I will be twenty-three. And people, there are things I want to do before I am twenty-three. When I was a small child (as my husband would say), I knew that once I was twenty-three I would be grown. And I know that my birthday will come and go and I won't feel different, but I want to grow anyways. I want to press on. I want hope in Him to be my anchor because I cannot do this without my God. Five years ago, I would have wanted to create a list of things to do so that I could check them off and feel accomplished. But today? Today I want a list of goals to work toward in the next three months that will push me toward the Lord. So here we go.

1. I want to live a simplified life. I'm not sure what this means right now. I know that I want to make intentional decisions about things I buy and how I invest my time. I know that I want to live with less anxiety and more freedom. I want to breathe and slow down.

2. I want to explore the world of food photography. I am not sure what it is about styling food that makes me drift into a dream world, but I love it. It is slow and precise and I love it.

3. I want to have a party where my friends come and give a 5 minute presentation about whatever they want. I originally heard about this idea from a friend and it's happening. I love learning about new things and I am SO pumped.

4. I want to give something away. I don't want to just go find something and donate it somewhere (that's great, but just not what I am talking about). I feel inspired to wait on the Lord because He is going to show me who is in need and what I should give.

5. Dream. Write down crazy, crazy dreams that are inspired by Him and watch Him do things that I thought were impossible.

So here is to living life intentionally and fully for Him. He is moving among us, friends.

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