Balancing work and life on vacation

The light pours in over the tops of wooden blinds and my coffee reminds me of the little sleep last night. Daniel is teething and we sometimes spend a significant amount of time soothing him in the middle of the night. At the beginning of the year we set aside 6 weeks where we would take vacation time. Isaac has the summers off from teaching and we wanted to focus on making memories as a family. I imagined turning of the computer, sitting outside all day, and not having to lift a single finger. I laugh out loud imagining a vacation like that because this season of our lives with Daniel is a lot more "hands on." There are diapers to change, exploring to do, cheeks to kiss, and baby cuddles on the front porch.

Denver Colorado Family Photographer - Jordan Brittley

I have found it so hard to accept that there is work that still needs to happen on our vacation. I start to feel like maybe I failed in planning a trip that was 100% work-free. But I have not failed! My work allows me to stay at home with Daniel during the week and it also needs my attention even while I'm away on vacation.

So here's what I'm thinking: what if some boundaries look more like the colors of the sunset than a barb wire fence? Doesn't that sound kind of nice? Would it be freeing as a business owner to accept that sometimes you need to take care of a client, jot down branding thoughts, and serve the people that you're with even when you're on vacation?

I think that I want to embrace vacation time as intentional time to make memories. I want to be disciplined to protect a day of rest each week (and really do nothing) so that I can embrace the good work I have been called to the rest of the week. Even on vacation.

So here are my new vacation rules:

  1. Don't stop good work.
  2. Take a family video.
  3. Sit down more.
  4. Serve people well.
  5. Spend as much time outside as possible.
  6. Use the time to create habits that have "no pressure" built in.

Here's to all the good stuff on vacation... even good work!

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