Backup System: For the Photographer

When I was working on videos in high school, the first thing that I learned was "save often." After working on a video for a good four hours, the computer shut down and I lost all of my work because I didn't follow this rule. Thankfully I learned from my mistake and I now save constantly. I think another important rule is to backup often. I recently upgraded my backup system because I realized that I wanted my work stored in multiple locations for ease of mind. It doesn't matter how great a laptop is if it doesn't have a great backup system as well. On Monday, my laptop crashed and there was nothing the Mac geniuses could do. And I was sooooooo thankful that my files were safe and I could resume working today as if it had never happened. Plus, the thunderbolt port on the new Pro will be an amazing when the Thunderbolt Display arrives. That screen is going to be incredible!

I will definitely review the pros and let you know why I chose my new setup, but today I wanted to share my backup system with you! As soon as I get home from an engagement session or wedding, I download all of the images to my computer. This gives me images in 2 locations (CF cards + computer). If I am on the road, I then backup the images to a THIS mobile drive which is bus powered (powered by USB). I then keep the CF cards + computer in my carry on and the mobile drive in my Kelly Moore Bag. I store them in separate locations because most of the time I have to fly with the carry on in the overhead compartment and the personal item under the seat. As soon as I get home, I backup the images to THIS hard drive which gives me 4 locations (CF cards + computer + mobile drive + desk hard drive). Once the images are culled, I immediate back them up to PASS (more on this program later) which gives me 5 locations. This backup system is intense, but I can't imagine losing images and this system has helped me keep everything safe thus far.

Once the final images have been uploaded to PASS in a separate event (Thursday after the wedding), I format my portable hard drive for the next wedding. The raw images are then on the desktop hard drive + the computer and the edited images are on the desktop hard drive + the computer + PASS.

I would love to hear from you, so drop a line in the box below and let me know where you are from and what type of photography you specialize in!!



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