At Home: DIY Silverware Organizer

For the past two weeks I have been going from project to project and I just have to say that I am LOVING this time to create and decorate our home!! I have never had time to decorate my space. Ever. When I moved into the dorm in college, I had a full load of classes and I was playing softball. Then we got married! And right after we got married, I worked part time at the Church and full time with my business. So organizing my home has never really happened. And I am so thankful that I get to do it now!! Really, I feel blessed to be able to use my hot glue gun and crochet scarves. Today, I wanted to share a new corner in my kitchen! Isaac and I seem to have collected a few sets of silverware. Without an organizer, the drawer was becoming a little crazy. I wanted a cute way to display the silverware that we use often and decided to use the leftover mason jars from my pantry. I hot glued rope to the side of the jars and removed the flat part of the lid. AND I LOVE THE RESULT!!

 DIY Silverware Organizer  //  iPhone photo via Instagram!

DIY Silverware Organizer

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