What if this happened to your Instagram account?

Daniel was asleep in my arms and I was praying about Instagram. Is that weird? :) All of the sudden, the Lord pressed it on my heart to switch my account to a business account. I have had so many reservations about this because I feel like I can see down the tunnel of time: a penalty for business owners similar to facebook. Afterall, Facebook now owns Instagram.

But the Lord was clear and so I made the switch on Monday night. Yesterday, I knew the Lord was about to speak to me - I get that that sounds so weird and I’m not sure how I know when it’s about to happen, but sometimes I do - so I opened a note on my phone and waited. I had no idea what He was going to lead my to write about and I started hearing words… or maybe they were more like ideas… about fear and people, including myself, needing to be set free. And we really weren’t even aware that fear had a grip on our lives.

So I started writing and writing...

 When Jesus Takes Over Your Instagram - Jordan Brittley (jordanbrittley.com/blog)

When Jesus Takes Over Your Instagram - Jordan Brittley (jordanbrittley.com/blog)

I’m fearless. Kind of. It’s mostly like I have fear that’s being destroyed as we speak. Sound dramatic? Well the story of life is pretty dramatic, amiright?

"I bet you weren't thinking you would be hit with talks about fear today, but I think we should say 'so long' because fear is eating us alive. The problem is that we don't even realize that it's holding us back, stealing our passion, and crushing joy. AND ISN'T FULL JOY ALREADY OURS?! Are we going to roll over and let fear walk out the door with OUR joy? With OUR faith? Aren't those things important?

No more blind eyes. Can you give me 2 minutes of your time? Will you just scribble down the fears that come to your mind right now? Use the notes app on your phone or a piece of paper. Write every last fear down and then come back here.

"Now I want you to read each fear out loud and say, "no." Really. If your fear is impossible to overcome - if you think something is too big - I want you to know that ALL (ALLLLLLLLL) things are possible through Christ.

"I have seen this in my life. There’s nothing that’s too big for Him to conquer. There’s no heart that’s too far gone. He is coming to our rescue.

So if you’re up for it, go get away by yourself for a minute. I want you to pray. Keep it simple - nothing fancy. Just say, 'Jesus, I’m afraid of _.' Read your list. That’s it."


 Jordan Brittley Instagram: @jordanbrittley

Jordan Brittley Instagram: @jordanbrittley

I post the image and start typing the hashtags so that I can market my post on Insta. And the Lord says, “Don’t hashtag this post.” Say what? So I think that I, of course, heard wrong: “So Lord, don’t use all the hashtags. Got it.” And He says to me, “Jordan, don’t hashtag this post.” I feel a little deflated. I mean, what will happen to the life of this post if I don’t archive it?! That sounds silly, but this is really what happened!

I start to worry and remember His instruction to me to pray instead of worry. He quickly says to me, “Promote this post right now.” I haven’t ever promoted a post on Instagram, but let me tell you that the sponsored content that I see is nothing like what I wrote. I feel excited, nervous, and a little intimidated. I go through the whole promotion process and realize I have to have a square photo to promote a post and I’m going to have to delete my post and post a square image to promote it. Well, this is bad for engagement. Really bad. And since Instagram now relies heavily on engagement, it’s key moment for me: follow Jesus or my Instagram likes? It seems obvious, but let me tell you that it was a humbling moment for me… knowing that I would be penalized for deleting and reposting. But I did it.

Does anyone else think that it looks crazy to follow God? I mean, this whole story does not make sense in the business world. But God has His own ways and I want to walk in them! If you find yourself in a situation where you're having to lean fully on Jesus, I understand that it's not always comfortable. But I assure you that anything with Him is so good.

p.s. Instagram just released stories and I'm in looooooooove! Follow me and my story will show up in the top of your feed!