An Excellent Purpose

St Louis Wedding by Jordan Brittley

I love people. And I love their stories.

Their stories inspire me to inspire others by using their story. Are you following? You have a story and I have a story. And if we take a step back from our hardships, we might get a glimpse of how our stories can be used if we will only allow it. My job as a photographer is to tell a story that will leave others moved by your story. Images were meant to be more than something pretty. They were meant to inspire, to draw out of you what you don’t see and to remind you to live your life on purpose.

Any of you that have been following the blog for any length of time must know that I am extremely passionate about whatever I am doing. I think that everything that I do - from post office deliveries to serving my clients - should be done with excellence. It’s not the approval of others that I am after because if I let the approval of others be my driving factor, then what do I gain? And what keeps me going? My purpose in serving others is much greater than the pursuit of approval. I long to work at things as though I am working for God rather than man (Colossians 3:23). This doesn’t provide an out of any sort. Instead, it leaves me working diligently for the job I have been given. My clients are happier and feel more loved when I work from this place of doing it for the Lord. Do you hear that? They even feel more loved when my purpose changes. They are satisfied. I am satisfied.

Whatever it is that you are doing with your life, go do it with an excellent purpose.

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