All those big goals and dreams

Kansas City Wedding by Jordan Brittley Setting goals reminds me that I want to live my life on purpose. I wrote about my goals for July and August, but I wanted to share some of the big dreams and goals that I have for this year and the years to come.

ENJOY LIFE - Because life is so hard, I think it should be celebrated all the more. I want to spend more time in the garden, on the deck, beneath the stars and soak up everything about this season of my life. I want to fully enjoy this season where I am a wife and business owner and not take anything for granted. I have cut out as much multitasking as I can so that I am present with other people. I want to treasure other people and this life that I have been given.

BE A MOM - I want to be a mom. I am confident that the Lord’s promise of children will be fulfilled and I want to anchor my hope in Him… not in my circumstances.

BE A GREAT WIFE - The Lord has done so many marvelous things in our marriage. I walked into marriage thinking that I didn’t have a selfish bone in my body and I quickly learned that I happen to have many very selfish bones (hear that dry humor?). I want to build Isaac up, bring him good (Proverbs 31:12) and I want to be his crown (Proverbs 12:4). I want to dream with him and spend intentional time being his wife.

GO ON VACATION WITH ISAAC - I want to get away with Isaac for at least a week. We have had SO many business trips, but we haven’t had a personal week away together since we have been married. It’s time. And last month this goal found its way onto our list of personal financial goals. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?! Do share!

SEW A DRESS FOR A FRIEND - For her little girl. This will be a true labor of love since I don’t know much about a sewing machine.

GO ON A PRIVATE PLANE RIDE - I love being above the clouds. So a date in the sky sounds just right to me.

GO ON A WALK WITH ISAAC EVERY NIGHT - We went on a walk last night and it was so good to breathe in the evening air and talk about our lives. This has to become a tradition!!

GO CAMPING WITH FRIENDS - I don’t care if we go to Tennessee, Colorado or just down the road. I just want to give camping a try!

DEVOTE AN ENTIRE DAY TO REST (and don’t feel guilty about it) - The second part of this goal is really key. It’s important to take time off from work and every time that I decide I am going to rest on Saturday or Sunday, I end up with an idea that overtakes the rest of the day. No more. I am going to rest with no guilt.

READ 5 MORE BOOKS THIS YEAR - I have a LOT of books on my Kindle. Now I just get to read them.

WRITE A PERSONAL BOOK - I think I already know what I am going to write about and I just need to set aside the time to do it!

LAUNCH A MAGAZINE - This is kind of a secret, so I will say no more!

DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH DANS L’EAU - I halfway launched Dans L’eau earlier this year and it is starting to take off. With a full time photography business, I am trying to decide if I am going to keep pursuing hand lettering or if I am going to close shop.

PITCH AN IDEA TO A MUSIC LICENSING COMPANY - I can’t share what I am thinking about just yet, but I plan on talking to them SOON, so stay tuned!

WORK WITH LOCAL ARTIST TO LICENSE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS PROJECTS - I know a lot of local musicians who are insanely talented and I am working with them on a few business projects!


START SOMETHING TO FUND AUDIO BIBLES IN AFRICA - This is in the early stages, so we will see what the Lord does!

START AND FINISH WEDDING EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE - I want to create a magazine that helps the bride walk through the wedding (much like my engagement magazine). I have all of the content ready to go and I just need to design it! Or hire a designer.


HOST A WEBINAR EVERY OTHER MONTH - I just hosted my very first webinar and I can’t wait to hear feedback and announce the date and content of the next one. It’s such a great way to help others as they run their business!

ANNOUNCE THE NEW ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOPS - I am changing things up a bit over here and I can’t wait to announce the new structure of one-on-one workshops!!!

HIRE ANOTHER TEAM MEMBER TO WORK AT THE OFFICE DURING THE WEEK - Just writing those words is a breath of fresh air. My business has grown so much in the last two months that I have decided to take on a team member who will work in the Jordan Brittley office on a weekly basis! I already have several interested in this position, but if you’re interested please send your resume on over: I will be announcing all of the details very soon!!

WRITE A PROGRAM FOR BUSINESS FINANCES - I wrote a program for my business finances two months ago and it has paid off. Literally. My plan is to write a program that would enable other business owners to customize the program to fit their business needs!

WRITE A BUSINESS BOOK - This is an easy one since the outline is done and the first frew chapters are written! I just have to finish the personal book first!

LAUNCH THE JORDAN BRITTLEY SHOP - This shop will be full of resources for the growing photographer, videographer and small business owner!

Isaac Henson by Jordan Brittley

And this, my friends, is my handsome business partner.

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