Above the Clouds

2010: I looked out the window and I was breathless. I had never flown before and the view, the view was incredible. Each cloud rolled into the next like they were great, fluffy mountains. And the Lord told me something that I longed to believe: I have made you beautiful, Jordan. Those words. Those were the words I longed to hear. And just as God formed the clouds and the mountains and the sea, so He formed me. He created us beautifully. This was in the plane that first brought me to El Salvador.

2011: The second time we were headed to El Salvador, we were supposed to sit in 17E and 17F. An older couple mixed up the seats and we ended up across from them. As we were descending, gorgeous colors filled the windows and I knew that the sunset must be amazing. No matter how far I leaned, there was no way that I could see the sunset. I thought that if I could see the sunset, then maybe that would be God's way of telling me He would use me on the trip. So I pleaded with God from the depths of my heart to let me see the sun set in the clouds.
After clearing customs, we walked out of the airport to meet our ride. There were so many people surrounding us and I remember thinking God, it would be so cool if just one of them knew my name. It was such a strange thought, but I hadn't even completed my request before two little girls ran to me screaming my name. And then? I cried. 
2012: I was finally in the plane and ready to enjoy the next few hours. I watched Dallas move below us until it was replaced with the ocean. It was a beautifully clear day. And then I asked God to show me the clouds that looked like mountains. The first several clouds I saw reminded me of the way the sea swells. And these clouds were just as beautiful as the others. I pulled out my camera and decided to document my life above the clouds. Over the next hour, the clouds changed and changed again, melting into a beautiful sunset. 
This is my life above the clouds.

Jordan BrittleyComment