A personal project, the joy that compels

Clean spaces and white. Greens, golds, peaches & coral. Painting, sketching, creating. Reading. These things inspire me. I want to challenge myself as an artist to create images that leave a little pitter patter in my heart. I don't want to capture the cliche. I don't want to just take a photo. I want to document this beautiful life that has been given to me and I want to do it fully. I want the depths of this heart to rejoice in the Lord and I want that joy in Him to be the foundation of the images I capture. Because I wasn't able to truly see before.

But He has somehow opened my eyes to this new world... to the sound of the bugs at night and the gracefulness of the waters that have collected after the rain... to the rushing wind at my face and the smell of lavender... He has opened my eyes to beauties big and small and I want to photograph those beauties.

Image 1: An excerpt from Psalm 5 (verse 3 seems to capture my heart) - "In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in eager expectation." Image 2 (left): The moon. The beautiful moon that meets the clouds of sunset in my backyard. Image 3 (right): My rain boots. I look at them because they seem cozy & I wear them when it rains and when it doesn't. Image 4 (left): Seashells from El Salvador as decor. Both missing pieces, but still so elegant. Image 5 (right): The clouds set on fire from the last appearance of the sun for the day. Image 6: Part of a necklace that my grandmother made for me. So much love and thought goes into her sweet jewelry pieces. I wear them often.

Jordan BrittleyComment