a personal project - cooking


 Canon 1v, expired fuji 400 superia 

A personal project.

The beginnings of a personal project sit before you. I wanted to slow down and breathe. I wanted to be thankful & still before the King. And so I rested and I dreamed and then I photographed. With the windows open and the fresh air making its way through my home, I write these words. In the stillness. 

When I found this roll of film that would have been purchased over 10 years ago, my heart swelled. I used this beautiful expired film to photograph pieces of my home & hope to share more with you in the coming weeks. This is a peak into my life.

photo 1: apples in a dish from our honeymoon photo 2 (left): recipe for grilled cheese photo 3 (right): fresh tomatoes from the garden photo 4 (left): dishes to eat on photo 5 (right): fresh fruit for smoothies photo 6: a table to sit at with my husband

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