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Your Last Steps Before Taking Maternity Leave

Are you ready for a good laugh? My plan for taking maternity leave with Daniel was to blog between contractions. Laughing so hard right now after… you know… birthing a baby. Blog posts were the last thing on my mind!

So on the day he was born, after everyone had gone home, I blogged for the next day. That set in motion a habit I’d have for 8 months. I continued blogging 5 times a week because I thought that’s what you had to do to be successful. I had thankfully trained our photo editor and she was killing it, but I had no help on the business side of things. 

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How to Decide What You Need on Your Maternity Leave Checklist

Hey, hey maternity leave! The thing that I once thought was impossible is happening with our precious baby girl. And we’re actually calling it “family leave” since Daniel won’t be going to preschool while I’m on maternity leave.

This maternity leave is for him, too. I want to have lots of heart-to-hearts with my little one with big feelings and big questions. When I was about 2 months pregnant, I was explaining to him that everyone would hold the baby when the baby was born.

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Your First Steps to Taking Maternity Leave

I’m gearing up for maternity leave and that means that we’re having a bit of a movie day today! Daniel’s all snuggled up next to me, we have a bowl of fruit for a snack, and I’m writing content for the blog and our JB email insiders so that you’re well taken care of while I’m away.

I’ve been telling Daniel for two months now that I’m working so hard right now so that...

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We're having a...

Daniel ran over to me, "Mommy, you okay? Mommy, you okay?" He was standing next to the ultrasound bed and I told him I was great. The ultrasound tech mentioned that all the littles get nervous when their Mom is laying on bed with someone pushing a stick-like thing onto their stomach.

Daniel had his arm wrapped...

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Baby Henson coming in 2018!

Finally! We might as well insert a thousand dancing/heart eye/crying your face off emojis. Because the impossible is possible with Jesus. Because He hears us. Because He walks with us and cries with us in loss. Because He isn't short a miracle with any of my babies. Whatever is lost here is given permanent victory in heaven and my heart is comforted in that truth.

Friend, we are finally pregnant and expecting our next little miracle in 2018! Loads of stories and details throughout this post.

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