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How I follow Jesus in my business

I still can’t believe that maternity leave happened. When I was first praying through maternity leave dates, I really felt like my first day of maternity leave was supposed to be December 15th (a Saturday) and I was supposed to go back to work in mid April sometime. I shrugged off the December 15th date because (1) I didn’t think it was possible with the amount of work I had to do to actually get to maternity leave and (2) I felt like that was too much time off.

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My 15 step process for hiring our nanny

Sitting there jotting down a thousand questions I’d have for the girl who’d be watching our little ones for 16 hours each week. I wanted to do my mompreneur work from home — or at least have that option — and having a nanny was starting to look more and more like the next right step. I had tossed around preschool for Daniel and letting the same school watch Hannah during that time, but I needed to lay down a work schedule that I could tweak if needed. 

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My Maternity Leave Checklist

I’m so happy for you! You know, when it came time to play for maternity leave with Daniel, I didn’t really know what I needed to do and I also thought that it was just impossible as a small business owner. I remember friends asking me how long my maternity leave would be and my answer was simple, “Oh, well, I can’t take one because I can’t be away from my business.”

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