7 things you won't want to miss on my new site

We are live! But, hey, you know that already because you're here! You are officially invited to the launch party. It's a JB-style garden party, friends. Complete with lavender spray, encouraging words, and gifts!


The first thing that I need you to know is that you're loved. For real. And that's why I created a fun way to remind you of that truth. Brides, click here for encouragement! And photographers, click here for encouragement!

There are 7 things I really don't want you to miss on this new site! Here they are:

1) THE GALLERIES - These have a storybook feel to them

2) THE PDFS - I have a free PDF for brides and a free PDF for photographers! Yay!

3) THE VIDEO - There's snapchat reel that you won't want to miss on this page!

4) THE ENCOURAGING IMAGESBrides & Photographers

5) THE FACEBOOK GROUPSThe Jordan Brittley Squad (for brides) & #askjordanbrittley (for photographers)

6) THE FOOTER - You can share this site with a friend... right now. Just scroll down to the footer and click "send this site to a friend"!

7) MY BRAND STORYCheck it out here!


Kathryn, thank you so much for hearing my heart, pouring out your own, and creating something better than I could have ever imagined!