6 years together and 6 things you might not know about us!

It's our anniversary today. 6 years. Friends, a lot can happen in six years. We are celebrating every piece of our marital journey that has led to today. Right here, right now.

We have picked each other up after outside sources have torn us down. We have picked each other up after we, ourselves, have caused the damage. But not without tremendous help. After Daniel was born, I wondered how we would ever have the same relationship. Where was the time? Where was the energy or the clarity of mind to finish a conversation? I felt so disconnected. We felt so isolated from each other.


But when Jesus is involved, the story never ends there. We imperfectly leaned into Jesus for the last year and a half and He has formed a new relationship. Our relationship wasn't ever meant to return to what it was prior to Daniel. Isn't that beautiful? I was willing to settle for something good to avoid the growth - imagine a little tiny seed breaking through the soil - but Jesus wasn't willing to allow that. He was willing to walk us through seasons of growing so that we could see the sun and keep growing.

 Fine Art Wedding Photography - 6 year anniversary

There was even more wielding that needed to happen - two swords being wielded into one yet again. We couldn't stay where we were - it was time to grow, to be united, and to raise up a family under the banner of our King and His strength. We can't do this parenting and marriage thing on our own and I love that the Lord used our growing family to wake us up to that truth.

I'm truly thankful for this man. I'm thankful for how he leads our family - both scooping up Daniel and giving me a hug while steering us in the direction we need to go. For so long, I wanted his leadership to look tyrannical. I thought he should boss me around or lay down the law. But he never did that. He led me in clear, strong, and gentle ways. Much like my Jesus.

Today, we celebrate! We have no idea what this next year will hold, but we will lean into Jesus. Because he helps us lean into each other. He grows us. He makes us grow through dirt when we thought being a tiny seed was the ultimate life.

 Fine Art Wedding Photography - 6 year anniversary

6 things you might not know about isaac

  1. He is a space heater! Being next to him is like having an electric blanket!
  2. He loves leather wallets and messenger bags! He uses two messenger bags for work and then he uses a photo bag (messenger style) when he's shooting!
  3. He loves to serve! If you meet him, he'll probably figure out a way to serve you. Need a drink? On it. Need someone to fix your car? He'll help. This man has the biggest servant heart of anyone I have ever met.
  4. He is passionate about the truth. He knows how to communicate truth in a way that is loving and, well, truthful. He doesn't try to lessen the impact of truth. He just lets it live.
  5. He loves preaching. You know when you see someone doing what they were created to do and their whole being comes alive? There's joy that radiates and passion that can't be smothered? That's what happens when he preaches.
  6. He does all the driving when we go on road trips! He loves driving us around. Sometimes on long road trips, we will talk non-stop and sometimes we will each turn on a Podcast. We love being around each other and we use Daniel's nap time in the car as our "alone time."
 Fine Art Wedding Photography - 6 year anniversary

6 things you might not know about Jordan

  1. She’s as wonderful a mom as you could ever imagine. I did not know how to parent when our son was born, but Jordan seems like she delivered Daniel with an instruction book in his hand. She has so much wisdom about what to do and how to show love to him in all situations. It’s amazing and a blessing to watch. Speaking of which…
  2. She’s breathtakingly wise. I have had so many experiences of wrestling with questions—both practical and theoretical—for hours and hours, only to ask Jordan and get the correct answer instantly. I remember one specific example where I had spent something like 2 hours in the office of one of my professors wrestling with a complex ethical issue. I came home, still with no clarity and said, “Jordan, why is such-and- such wrong?” and she immediately explained to me what my ethics professor and I couldn’t figure out in 2 hours. Plus, there have been countless decisions I was ready to make, but Jordan advised me not to, so I didn’t. I can remember being SO frustrated at the time, only to realize shortly thereafter that, had I ignored her, I would have made a spectacularly bad choice! It’s happened so many times that when Jordan gives me strange advice now, I don’t even question it!
  3. She has a shockingly dry sense of humor! I really appreciate a dry wit, and Jordan may be the driest person I know. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been around when it’s happened, but I’ve never seen anyone tell as funny of a joke without letting on that it’s funny as her. She can also deadpan like no one else.
  4. She loves God more than I ever thought possible. I have often said that I didn’t know what it meant to pray “in Jesus’s Name” until I heard Jordan praying. Her heart is to make His ways her ways and you can see that in her prayer life.
  5. She loves others more than I knew a person could. If you love someone, you treat them in a certain way, but Jordan loves everyone, and treats them like that. Strangers come up to her and tell her their life story without her asking. I think that’s because God has made Himself shine out of Jordan—and that looks like love. People feel safe and valued and cherished with her. I’m in awe of the ways she discovers to show people that she loves them.

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