6 email sign-offs to show your personality

I'm the girl in home videos who is saying "Thank you! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!" for every single Birthday or Christmas gift! Being thankful was something that was valued growing up - especially when it was a gift. I love telling people I loved their gift, so I made sure they knew I loved it! So it's no wonder that I struggled with how to sign my emails. I mean, how in the world do you choose the right combination of words?

I know this is something other people don't even think about, but the words I say are so important to me and I use them to communicate a message. So if you're like me and need an collection of email sign-offs that truly convey your heart, I'm here to share!  

 6 email sign-offs with personality

Let's share our personality and the heart of our message while being professional!

Sign-off #1 - So thankful for you!

This seems so simple, but a quick note at the end just to remind them that you're really, truly thankful for them is nice. When other photographers email me to tell me that they are truly grateful, it means so much. Don't discount the power of saying "thank you!" 

SIGN-OFF #2 - Warmly

If you have ever met me, you know I'm a hugger! So it's no doubt this is one of my favorite ways to respond! You'll see this in my emails if I need to communicate a hug and still be professional. 

SIGN-OFF #3 - Warmest

If I have used "warmly" a lot, I'll switch it up and use this one. I also like to use it when a conversation is ending and I might not be emailing that person for a while. In other words, I use this at the end of an emailing season with a client. If we have discussed their timeline and covered everything we need to talk about months before their wedding.

SIGN-OFF #4 - You're the best!

If someone has just done me a huge favor, I want to reiterate that throughout the whole email. I will tell them thank you and give them an honest, "You're the best!" at the end. 


Nothing! Sometimes I don't even sign my emails. If a client doesn't include a greeting and signature because we are just talking about dates or snippets of information, I mirror their communication. I'll just respond with an answer or a question and leave it at that! 

SIGN-OFF #6 - Something on-brand

Does anyone remember the days of Jasmine Star signing her emails with a "Stay Fabulous"? So darling, right? Her message was about being fabulous at __________. So it fit her brand. My message is to love well and lead others to love well, so my favorite, most-used email sign-off is "All the hearts"! I'm sure it will change over time, but it's a way for me to add all the heart emojis without actually adding them!


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Action steps

1) What's the heart of your brand?
2) What feeling do you want people to be left with after they read an email from you?
3) Are there any words you can use to convey that feeling?

Play around with the wording and find something that feels like it fits you! Tell me below - what's your favorite way to sign an email?