6 Ways to Inspire and Refresh Your Creative Mind

On the way to an engagement session last night Isaac and I were brainstorming ways that I could refuel myself. With wedding season in full swing and a newborn that needs my full attention, I need to be intentional about doing the things that inspire me so that I can serve my clients and my family well. As an introvert, this typically looks like spending time alone. So what do I do now that I am working from home with a baby? This morning I made a list of things that bring about inspiration for me or things that I think would inspire me. I need to give my mind some time to breathe and refocus and I'm thinking that might be the case for you too. So here are 6 ways to inspire and refresh your creative mind.

6 Ways to Inspire and Refresh Your Creative Mind - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Go outside

I have had three shoots in three days and it's been so refreshing to be outdoors. Go spend some time at the park, go on a walk, sit on your deck, and work on the garden! These things don't add clutter to your mind and they make room for creativity to really flourish.

Listen to stories

What is it about a good story that intrigues us? I think that we were designed with this longing to listen - to hear - inspiring stories. This is one of the ways that videos go viral. Listening to stories could look like watching a movie (or a great tv series), listening to music, or reading a book. Stories inspire me and it's no coincidence that my best friends can tell great stories.

6 Ways to Inspire and Refresh Your Creative Mind - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Spend time with people

I love spending time with people who pour into you. You know the people that I'm talking about. The ones who listen to you and check on you. The ones who hold your heart and encourage you to run harder. Go spend time in fruitful friendships and you will be inspired. Trust me.

Try something new

This might look like finally doing something off of one of your pinterest boards. Or it might look like taking that road trip you have always wanted to take. Get out there and do something you have never done before. Go see something you have never seen before. Then, take that inspiration and go create like you have never created before.

6 Ways to Inspire and Refresh Your Creative Mind - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Learn something

I am convinced that we need to constantly be learning! Even if it starts out as a discipline, learning is inspiring to our minds. You can go learn a new skill or watch a documentary. Learn how to make the best gooey butter cake. Go learn something!

Go to a workshop or get coached

Workshops and coaching sessions are designed to propel you forward in your business. It's more than just a push... it's like launching your business out of a canon. If you are struggling to see your potential or you need a little kick, then let someone else inspire you!