5 Ways to make your wedding invitations fun for guests

You get the wedding invitation and you slip it into a drawer, or if it’s your bestie, it just might find its way onto your fridge. We have all been there and I’m positive that me and my Mom are the only ones who still have a copy of my wedding invitation. It serves as a reminder for guests and then it’s done.

Or is it? There has to be a reason that editors of major blogs and magazines are obsessed with the invitation suite. In fact, they’re so obsessed with paper products that it’s unlikely you’ll be published without them. The invitation suite is the very first experience your guests have with your wedding. It’s the first experience the online world has with your wedding, so there’s no better place to insert all of your adorable quirks than your wedding invitation!

Fine Art Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite - Jordan Brittley Photography

I am teaming up with Basic Invite to share the best ways you can keep your invitation suite looking like you and your handsome fiance! We need to keep this fun for you and your guests, am I right?

5 ways to make your invites fun for guests

1) Letterpress

This has been around since the 15th century, so you can bet that it’s here to stay! It’s elegant, timeless, and it feels just a little sophisticated without being stuffy. I see it most often used with wedding invitations (please don’t ever stop doing that by the way), but what if we switched it up and created the most beautiful save the date to match your wedding invitations? Count me in to photograph that beauty!

2) Gold Foil

You know that shiny, gold printing that you love so much? It’s actually gold foil and it’s the bread and butter of bridal shower invitations. Picture champagne, the most delicious macarons, gold chargers, and gold flatware with an invitation to match.

Fine Art Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite - Jordan Brittley Photography

3) Thickness and texture

It’s easy to overlook this one when you’re ordering your invitations, but this makes all the difference when you’re holding your invitations in your hand. If you order the double thick matte, you aren’t going to accidentally crease the invitation. If you want something that feels softer than your best pair of yoga pants, go with the Luxe Velvet.

Fine Art Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite - Jordan Brittley Photography

4) Cut

I’m just going to get this out there - I have fallen in love with this wedding invitation. Can we gush over the design for a second? I love that everything draws your eye to the center. I’m imagining an invitation liner that would complete the understated look. Don’t miss the subtle cut in the corners!

5) Calligraphy

Tell me I’m not the only one whose heart skips a few beats when there’s calligraphy on every paper product! Let me just say that I will use invitations with calligraphy as a backdrop for everything - rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings - you name it. It’s as timeless as letterpress, which is probably why they go so well together!

Fine Art Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite - Jordan Brittley Photography

Picking out invitations should be fun, so make a memory of it! Grab your maid of honor, your besties, sisters, momma and pop the bubbly. You don’t have to add every finishing touch in order to make it look like you and that’s why having your people with you is the best thing. They can easily help you sort through options and say, “this is totally you!” without it ever feeling overwhelming.

Thank you so much to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post and giving us something beautiful to look at on the daily! What are you waiting for, girl?! Get on over to Basic Invite and order your wedding invitations!

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