5 Tips for Working with a Stressed Bride

Photography by Jordan Brittley Weddings are often stressful for the bride and groom. After all of the decisions and all of the details and all of the people surrounding the wedding day, it’s very likely that you will meet a very stressed bride. There isn’t a formula for being an encouragement instead of another stressful detail of the day, but I hope that these tips will help you to remember to go into the wedding day with the mindset of serving the bride and groom.

Photography by Jordan Brittley

1) OBSERVE THE SITUATION - It’s never about you. Sometimes remembering this simple fact helps me to breathe when I know that my bride is stressed. This gets to be about my bride which means that I need to serve her the very best that I can and be helpful. You are there to photograph/video the bride so do your job excellently and never let what is going on on the wedding day affect your work.

2) DO NOT PUT UNNECESSARY STRESS ON HER - It seems like hair and makeup or the ride to the Church always take longer than expected. She hired you to be professional, so you don’t need to let her know that you are needing to constantly readjust the timeline. There are times when it’s necessary for you to step in and help move things along. You just need to make sure that you are helping because you have the bride’s best interest at heart. Just remain calm because you’re the professional and you know what to do in stressful situations.

3) MANAGE STRESS FROM OTHERS - There is always someone who can manage to make everything about themselves. Don’t be that person. Whether it’s the college roommate or the mother-in-law or uncle bob, do not get involved. It is not your place to go make peace happen. All that you need to do is communicate to your bride that you are for her. So don’t get involved.

4) COMMUNICATE THAT YOU ARE FOR THE BRIDE - What does it mean to be “for” someone? I think it means that you are on their team and you have not set out against them. You don’t even need to communicate this verbally to your bride. Just serve.

5) KEEP CREATING MEMORIES - I think this is one of the most powerful parts of having your photograph taken by Jordan Brittley. I don’t just take pretty pictures. I orchestrate memories with the words that I choose and how I direct my clients as I photograph them. No matter how much seems to loom over the wedding day, the groom can always find a way to make the sun appear again. So let them have time together because love is a beautiful thing that can somehow make the rest of the world disappear.

Photography by Jordan Brittley

Photography by Jordan Brittley

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