5 Tips for Staying Put Together on a Wedding Day

St Louis Rehearsal Dinner by Jordan Brittley Lookout guys! Because this post is for the ladies. I spend the majority of the wedding day running around and making sure that I am serving my clients to the best of my ability. I have realized that it is so important to still look put together... no matter how hard you are working. Does anyone else hate *glistening* (aka sweating) on a wedding day? Or ever? Well, there are certain aspects that you can't control but taking action in a few ways may help you to be a little more thrilled when the bride wants a photo with you at the end of the day!

1) WEAR PERFUME - Girl, you know what I’m talking about. Who doesn’t love to smell good? I always freshen up before the reception! Just one spray… don’t go crazy (insert smiley face).

2) BRUSH YOUR HAIR - Keep a brush in your camera bag if you are wearing your hair down. You would be surprised what kind of difference this can make… even in the way that you feel!

3) WEAR LIPSTICK - Even when my hair and makeup seem to be in disarray, wearing lipstick helps to keep you looking (somewhat) together. Does anyone know a good lipstick that won’t fade throughout the day?

4) GOOD POWDER FOUNDATION - I love using BeautiControl’s Wet/Dry. I have tried SO many different powders and this is by far my favorite! When I get in the car, I just use the makeup sponge that comes with the compact to touch up and I’m good to go!

5) CHEW GUM - What girl doesn’t love gum?! Since you are going to be getting really close to people and giving them instructions, it’s always good to have gum in your bag!!

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