5 Tips for shooting film on a rainy day

I love shooting film! That's definitely no secret. One of the challenges that I faced when I was first learning film was how to use film on a rainy day. I always want to be sure that I am producing my very best work no matter what circumstances are at play. Here are five tips for shooting film on a rainy day!   1) DON'T FORGET TO LOOK FOR THE LIGHT - One of the best and quickest ways to find the light on a rainy day is to see how illuminated the subject is from different angles. Just because it's overcast doesn't mean that it's best to shoot just anywhere. Take a look at the blades of grass and see if they are slightly backlit. Make sure that your angle of the bride and groom doesn't involve dark eyes.

2) OVEREXPOSE NORMALLY - When I am shooting film in the rain, I always overexpose by 2 stops (which is the same for every other situation as well).

3) PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE COLORS IN YOUR FRAME - Make sure that your colorful dress/shirt isn't casting unwanted hues onto the subject and look for any colors that you don't like. Sometimes changing the angle just slightly will take care of a hue problem.

4) USE A REFLECTOR WHEN NECESSARY - A reflector is WONDERFUL on a rainy day and opens the possibilities for where you can shoot. It tends to softly illuminate shadows under eyes just beautifully!

5) EXAMINE ANY INTENSE SHADOWS IN YOUR FRAME - You won't have any intense shadows on your subject if you are overexposing by two stops (after metering for the skin), but don't forget the shadows in your background. On rainy days, sometimes those shadows look especially underexposed.

All of these images were shot on rainy days!

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