5 things to know one month into business

Sometimes I find myself scrolling through the archives on this blog. I love seeing just how it has changed! My writing has changed and so has my heart. There's a lot less insecurity and fear and a lot more love and passion. I stumbled across this post from over two years ago and had to share it with you again.

It made me giddy to update it - remembering how excited I was to answer this question for a blog reader! The only other thing I would add is this: don't do this alone. Don't walk the run-your-own-business road alone. Connect with others in an online facebook group and then do life together. I just can't say it enough: don't walk this road alone.

 Business Tips - 5 Things to Know One Month Into Business

Here are a few groups you might consider joining:

If you're a new creative, you are not alone. Don't give up when your website crashes or when your social media channel is hacked. Don't give up when others tear you down or when you don't know where to go. Please, please share your heart with someone. What you're doing with your life matters so, so much and you're so, so loved. Here's to you, creative! And here are a few things to know one month into business...

 What every business owner should know in the first month

(1) Manage your money

Talk to an accounting professional about setting up your business. Create a budget. Open a business account (for expenses) and a business savings account (for taxes/unforeseen expenses). Keep track of everything you are spending and earning. Save all business receipts.

And download MileIQ: Track Your Mileage and Get Paid to Do It

(2) Create a strong online presence

Start a website. Start a blog. Get on every single social media outlet (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, google+ to name a few). Interact with potential clients, vendors and loyal customers. Be available in the online world and it will pay off in getting your name out there!

You don't have to have all the followers or all the engagement in order to have a strong online presence. Focus on putting your best foot forward and adding value to those who already want to hear from you.

 Business Tips - 5 Things to Know One Month Into Business


Letting go of perfect is something that I am slowly embracing. And by "slowly," I mean that it has taken me years to start letting go of perfection. Haha! This shift has brought so much life to my business.

A post doesn't have to be perfectly optimized to go live. Emails sometimes contain typos that I don't catch in time. In my I-hardly-sleep-because-I-just-had-a-baby days, I called a bride, who had become a good friend, the wrong name. And then I kept doing it! Ohmygoodness. Apologize when it's needed and give yourself some grace when you make mistakes!


It can be really easy to think that everything will fall into place perfectly if you can just check off a list. Because why shouldn’t something work if you are doing everything correctly? Well, I am here to tell you that business takes time and while there are some businesses that may appear to take off overnight, there was a LOT that went into that business behind the scenes. Be diligent and keep working, friend. You can do this.

 Business Tips - 5 Things to Know One Month Into Business

(5) BE YOU

Relax and be you. Steve Jobs wasn't effective because he was doing everything the way everyone else would do it. He was effective because he chose to see what no one else would see. Dr Seuss once wrote "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." Go be yourself. Go see the world differently. And then go show others how you see the world and let that inspire them to be different too.


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I guess this is technically a bonus since I only promised 5 things you should know. But I can't leave it off the list because this is the best thing I ever did for my business.

I would not be where I am today without submitting my business to my Jesus. I want to let Him show me what to do, give me wisdom in making business decisions, and give me a greater purpose for this life. I want to work as though I'm working for God and not for man. If I do that, my clients will feel loved and I will be able to serve them well.