5 new things I'm doing with Facebook

I blew off facebook for a long time. First it was because I was so discouraged by the algorithm changes. Then it was because I thought it was irrelevant. And then I made an intentional decision to grow my Instagram audience and put my focus there. Well, my focus is still on Instagram, but I want to add Facebook back into the mix for the next 12 months.

Here's the inside scoop with what I'm doing! I'm excited to pour the heart of my brand into my facebook page. If you want to join the party, come on over!

5 things to try with facebook - business tips

(1) I post every week day

I wanted a way to consistently post on facebook without thinking about it every day. I give you the Buffer. I can add images from my blog into my Buffer que and they automatically post according to the schedule I set up.

For those of you who care about engagement, and let's be real - we love engagement, consistently posting can boost it for you! I have noticed an increase in everyday engagement by consistently posting! A year ago I would collect just a handful of likes on some photos and this year it's rare if I only collect a handful of likes. That's fun, right? I'm really at the beginning of growing my facebook audience and it's a fun place to be!

(2) I host a group for creatives

This group is engaged and I love them. They ask questions and everyone chimes in to help. It's really a positive and encouraging community and I love leading it. If that sounds like something you're interested in, I would love to see you in our #askjordanbrittley facebook group!

(3) I post Sneak Peeks... to Albums

This has been a game changer for me! Instead of uploading sneak peeks to my timeline, I upload them to an album. I first noticed more interaction on my facebook page when friends and family commented and started talking to the couple on the page (win). And now I notice a spike in blog traffic when I upload the second round of images after the post is live.

(4) I turned off notifications

I used to read comments as they would roll in on my facebook page. I think that could work incredibly well for some businesses, but my life is a little different now with a toddler. By muting those notifications, I can just go in at the end of the day or week and comment back. If you have the opportunity to reply right away, that is way better! But if you don't have that option, try silencing those notifications!

(5) I am going to start experimenting with Facebook Ads

I'm really, really excited to start experimenting, friends! I will keep you in the loop and share everything I learn. I'm most interested in growing the photography side of my business with the ads. I really want to learn the limits and what's most effective. Then I will use that information to drive sales on the backend!

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