5 Insights from My Blog Survey and What it Means for You

Last week I told you about my most important blog post of the year. It included a survey for all of you who read the blog so that I could serve you better in 2016! I am so thankful for all of you who took the survey and weighed in on where we should go with the blog! Here are the results, what it means for you, and my new blogging schedule! 5 Insights from the Blog Survey and What it Means for You - The Jordan Brittley Blog

The results

My typical reader has been in business for 1-4 years (57%)  and owns a business of some kind (74%).

The overwhelming majority do not have kids (93%).

She wants to read the blog 2-3 times each week (78%).

Every single business owner who took the survey said that they would like to get published on a major blog like Style Me Pretty.

She enjoys watching video tutorials (77%).

She wants me to connect with her on Facebook (46%) or Instagram (41%). Can you believe that 85% of you prefer facebook and instagram over every other social media platform?!

She strongly prefers to read photography tips (94%) and business tips (87%). She wants to occasionally see photography sessions (77%) and hear about my personal life (75%).

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My conclusions and what this means for you

I am going to focus on providing good content INSIDE facebook and instagram! You know that I already love sharing great imagery on social media. In 2016, I'm going to take it up a notch and give away even more free content on these platforms. This is going to mean more education where you are already spending your time!!

I am going to post 2-3 times each week! I was shocked when I saw that 78% of you wanted to read 2-3 posts (as opposed to 5 posts)! I fully expected for you to want even more content. I imagine that 5 photography/business posts can get overwhelming and hard to keep up with! Information overload, anyone?!

Deeper content and more freebies! Now that I have built up the blog archives, it's time to dive in. I want to give you cheat sheets, tutorials (with written explanations), more guides, and so many more freebies. If you want the FREE branding guide, click here!

More YouTube and Periscope! I really love broadcasting live on periscope and sharing on YouTube. It's not something that I do frequently and that will be changing in 2016! If you're not already on those platforms, head on over and follow me so you don't miss anything. Periscopes are only available for 24 hours after the broadcast!

I am going to show you how to get published on blogs like Style Me prettyI have shared tidbits here and there about getting published. It's something I am extremely passionate about because I think that it can change your entire business!

 My New Blogging Schedule - The Jordan Brittley Blog

My New blogging schedule

December and January

I will be blogging 1-2 times each week during December and January! I will be on maternity leave but the blog will still be active! If you want to keep up with me on a daily basis, I will be dancing around with my little one over on facebook and instagram!

February and the rest of 2016

I will be blogging 3 times each week! If you have a specific topic or question you want me to cover, leave a comment below! 

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