5 Businesses I would love to run

Lavender - Photography by Jordan Brittley_001 When I first started a photography business, I did not like the business side of anything. But all of that has changed and I have a passion for running a thriving business and encouraging others to do the same! If I could figure out a plan to run five businesses at the same time and still have balance in my life, I would do it in a heartbeat. Sadly, I haven't figured out how to do both of those things, so I am just left with a lot of ideas.

Below is a list of the five businesses I would run in heart beat if I didn't already have a full-time business!

1) Ice Cream Shop - I LOVE ice cream and I love business, so this is the perfect combination for me. Isaac and I went to Ohio last year and we stopped by Jeni’s. If you are in Ohio, Jeni’s is a MUST. I had lavender ice cream and need to learn to make it!! I can definitely picture myself at 50 years old running a little ice cream shop downtown.

2) Art Print Shop - This art print shop is already happening. I was really sick earlier this year and decided to take up watercoloring and calligraphy as a hobby. Well, during that week a little shop formed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this business, but I am just trying to figure out what to do with the art print shop since I am easily putting in 40 hours a week at Jordan Brittley.

3) Magazine - This may be happening sooner than retirement. It’s also part of the reason that I am thinking about closing shop at Dans L’eau. I might be able to run two businesses (with employees), but probably not three different businesses. What should I do when I am so passionate about so many different things?!

4) Farm-to-Table Restaurant - Isaac and I would BOTH love to run this restaurant. Of course I would handle the recipes, marketing, branding and finances and he would handle the farm. It warms my heart to think about running a restaurant together!

5) Home Living Blog - I think that a Home Living Blog would be so fun! I could easily enjoy full time blogging about DIY projects, home decor and all of that fun stuff! And honestly, I might do it in the future!! I think I need to start combining these businesses, eh?

6) Photography & Videography Business - You had to know this was going to make the list!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE running THIS business!

Lavender - Photography by Jordan Brittley_002

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